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 Hey, A, gotta say — thanks for helping me be... me, and all. But what's with having characters with weird issues or curses, you know?

I know mine doesn't exactly count as a curse literally, but it sure would be nice to not have something going on with me. Hell, it'd be nice if someone would just write us all with nice houses and happy families and good hair. And maybe a pool. Not even just an above-ground one, or a storage bin you pretended was a pool when you were five. 

[... Speaking from experience, maybe...]

Anyone up for starting it? A curse club? A woe-is-me membership?


[Eyebrows UP.]

We can all work together and buy an in-ground pool and a nice house.
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Oh, good! I'm not the only one here stuck with a curse!

[Says the lumbering mutant in the tattered regency clothes.]

... Okay, mine's literally a curse. I think that should be obvious. What's ailing you?
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[It's fine, he's... Used to it.]

Actually, yes. I try to be a decent person, at least.

A word of advice, though. If a mysterious stranger walks up to you and offers a potion that he claims will make your wish come true, don't take it. That's how I wound up like this.
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[Thankfully, Bruno knows better than to take advantage of someone like this poor man.]

That sounds terrible! Why would anyone even want to do that?!
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[Bruno's a Gelert. A poor example of a Gelert, but a Gelert nonetheless.]


I kind of hope you end up in a nicer game than what you had to go through.