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Lost count how many times I brought her back to life...

Honestly, mun.

You and I both know I never really died. I'm happily engaged with two kids, in about six plus different universes. You're just not content with that because its been more than a year and we're both in a rut.

Just admit you miss your friends here. Come on, now. Once you do that, we can finally figure out what the next step is.
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[favourite champion!!! ;3;]

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The first step to solving a problem is admitting—

Okay, no, seriously, the Champion's right. You should listen to her.

... wait, Shirona-san, you have kids, but you're only engaged? Did I misunderstand something?
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I apologize for everything this kid does/says, he's. A handful.

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No, no, the proper terms of adress must be kept, Miss— Mrs. Champion? Ah. How should I refer to a marrie—

[Oops, she said the dreaded words. He goes very stiff, raising his head, making an affronted sound.]

I am not a child! Can't you see I'm an adult?

[He crosses his arms sourly.]


I just didn't think it'd suit a champion to have kids out of wedlock! But I guess that's better than a skirt-chasing old man, Alder sir isn't still bothering you in any of those worlds, is he?

[His much-adored childhood hero or not, the obnoxious flirting is one of his worst and most disappointing habits.]
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Well, if you insist, Cynthia.

... oh? Do you have pictures?

[He's awfully curious now.]
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[Wasn't that mess televised, I didn't keep up with XY/XYZ, but SPOILERS that man destroyed a city and died.

He only wanted to see how he compared to Alder, really!]

Well, that's disappointing...

So, your kids, do you have time to be there for them? Being Champion keeps you busy a lot. doesn't it?
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Oh hey, it's Cynthia!

Wait! Two kids, in about six universes? Doesn't that make it [does a brief counting in her head]...twelve kids?