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I can't say I mind the chance to get out a little bit, but I'm also not sure what your intent is with me, here. You can't really take me much of anywhere, after all.

While I wouldn't mind seeing a familiar face or two, either, I also do have to wonder how my presence would effect them... Perhaps it would be better if you let me fade.
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[Rose knows that hat, that face. It's...]

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[That she hasn't cried or screamed (more) speaks volumes for how scared Rose is at finding herself faced with one of the creepy pair who follows her family around. Alone. There's no point in calling for Brad or the others; she knows they're not here.]

U-um... You don't seem all ghosty right now... But you're still old.

[Ancient, even! Thankfully she refrains from spitting that out. Badmouthing spirits is a sure way to end up cursed, haunted, or worse. She likes her soul right were it is, thankyouverymuch!]