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Canon is Mystery Case Files (casual video game series)

 Look, Ms. ...Mun, right? Just Mun? Fine.

Look, Mun, I'm flattered. Really. And don't get me wrong, I don't want to be stuck in your headspace with nothing to do . . . but you and I both know that a full game's just not possible for you right now. I respect that.

Pee-ess-ell? What's- ...what do you mean, it's like a sandbox? Not the kind in children's playgrounds, got it. Because you know I'm a little old for that, right?

Well...okay. I guess we could try it. But you know if the queen has another case for me, that takes priority, got it?

[Though frankly, he's hoping she doesn't call on him again for a while. Like...a long while. Maybe never. This last case really did a number on him, after all.]

((Warnings in advance for possible spoilers up through #15 The Black Veil. I've gone with a male version for the Master Detective and use Darnell Barrett for his name. PB is D.J. Controna.))
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i just started grinning like a fool

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It's better than a lot of things, I've found. [Hello, counterpart.] Certainly better than dealing with Ravenhearst again.

Her Majesty always takes precedence. I did try to say as much, but you would be amazed how much pull these people have.
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good old MCF

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[Daphne looks back for a moment before shrugging her shoulders. 'Ravenhearst' still brings up unpleasant memories. Hopefully the last visit was the last one.]

Just about anything. Bloody place... [Okay, the last case has it beat by a country mile.]

They get the oddest ideas in their heads, so be careful. The people I've met up here have told some wild stories.

[Reality does not, in fact, implode when she shakes his hand.] Daphne Mercer. Glad to meet you too. I'm glad that there's someone who knows what we've gone through. [A pause.] ...None of the Dalimars are here. Just in case you were worried.
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throws confetti

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[The smile on Daphne's face turns a little bashful.]

You have no idea, Master Detective.

[She tells her own stories, tells her own superior and her own coworkers, but it's not the same. They won't ever fully understand what she's been through. What she's going to go through. Bu at least someone here does. That's comfort enough.]

I'm not afraid of them. Not Alister, not Charles. Never again. [Or she's not going to let it show. Back to business.]

Mm. Mostly wander, listen to stories. Short little cases once in a while- 'memes', I think is what my mun calls them.
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At least you have cases waiting for you. I got snatched away at ...the end of my career as I knew it, and after being in limbo for a while, I'm literally in hell. As a police detective.
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I know exactly how you feel. I just want to get back to closing some actual cases.
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It's been a hectic few months.

[Shakes his hand with a smile.]

State's Investigator Grace Hollingsworth. I work for the Cook County State's Attorney's Office.
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It's Chicago, and the surrounding area.

And let's just say it was a very difficult and personal case. One I'm hoping to move on from now.
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I've only lived here less than a week, so I guess I'll find out.

( Grace just chuckles softly. She doesn't mind the awkwardness. It's not as if she's much better. Right now she doesn't trust anyone except for Peter, and she doesn't know what she can say, should say, or should shut up about. )

I haven't found any place really to settle. There's a bar in Chicago that I guess almost everyone goes to. Mostly I'm spending time with my boyfriend, he's the whole reason I moved and about the only person I trust anymore.

It's a process.