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The Trial & Tribulations of a new OC

Of course I'm not ready..!

[Mister Blue & Fancy here can only sigh in distress.]

You haven't even finished writing out my "charming"-- [He's totally doing airquotes to that.]-- personality as of yet! You haven't even started, have you?

Oh, this is going to be a fine disaster. Just lovely, really. A roaring inferno of a mess...

[The utterly exhausted mage looks as if a few years of his life just got chipped away. He's really not ready for all this nonsense but his mun is stupidly eager.]

Can you not be swayed by reason? Let's focus on the important parts first before you just send me out there to the great beyond.
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I see nothing wrong with a roaring inferno.
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Ohhh, I am much more than a tall and fiendish shadow.

[He spreads his arms with a menacing crackle of flame and dry timber.]

I am Aku, shapeshifting master of darkness! Shadow fiends would be honored to carry out my bidding just as you should be honored to receive my roundabout words of encouragement.
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Sometimes the best things in life are messes!
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[Even if she's a zombie green girl? :3]

Life is messy and disordered but that's okay! There's lots of chance for fun if you know where to look! One person's mess is another person's opportunity!
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You know, if you're going to have an objection, you need to voice them while you have the chance. Who knows? You can be dead tomorrow.

[From most undead, that might sound like a threat. The way she says it? Its more matter of fact.]

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2/2 -- I am so sorry

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If it makes you feel any better, I find you at the very least endearing.
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I ignore her entirely and do whatever I want.

[.. He's not wrong to be honest.]
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She doesn't let me do anything, she doesn't have a choice. It's that or I don't talk to her.

[And mun hasn't had the gall to put him into any situations he isn't fond of. Then again, at this point in his life it's probably very, very hard to jam him somewhere that he hasn't already semi-experienced in some form or another]

I didn't say you could do it, it's a case by case basis, I don't think yours will tolerate it.

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[ Why hello there, handsome. Do you come here often? ]

[ Don't mind the succubus just... casually leaning over and poking her head over your shoulder. ]

You call it a "roaring inferno of a mess", but... if you take the time to watch the embers dance, infernos can be quite beautiful in their own right.~
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[ She sees you eyeing her headwings. Aren't they just the perfect accessories? Look at how they flap. ]

[ ... And then turn into a small cloud of bats that perch upon her shoulders. Transforming bats. ]

Just several miles? That seems awfully tame.
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[ Aww, but her bats are cute. But then, they're also technically her clothes, so... ]

[ Morrigan laughs at the mage's new comment, just as her bats return to their rightful place as her headwings. What an amusing man you are.~ ]

But what if I wanted to take it on a romantic, trans-continental adventure before lovingly holding it to my bosom and sleeping with it?

[ That escalated quickly. ]

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[Have a polite and sympathetic smile from a fellow OC.]

They do seem prone to that- forgetting to look before they leap.
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[Well... relatively normal. Back home having a touch of magic and being something of a magnet for trouble makes her the neighborhood eccentric.

She chuckles.]

I understand. But she seems to know you fairly well, even if she hasn't anything written. Perhaps she'll learn quickly.
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[That gets a reluctant nod.] It can be. They know too much and are entirely too eager to share it, if you ask me. Still, things could be much worse. [There's something to be said for knowing that you have someone watching your back- even if they are responsible for shoving you into ridiculous situations in the first place. She'll be okay in the end, at least.]