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Ah yes, what a fine day it is today.

The sun is out, the birds are chirping. And what's this?

Exactly [ insert age here] years ago, the handsome, wonderful and oh so talented me was born~! Oh what a glorious day it is indeed.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have many damsels to charm and gifts to graciously receive.
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[ Of course today of all days, Daring would be EVEN MORE FULL OF IT than usual. But Daring is his brother and it's Dexter's duty to at least give him good wishes. ]

Oh, is today your birthday?

[ You know, after feigning he forgot. But he's pretty sure Daring will know he's kidding because given Daring's personality, the entire world probably knows weeks in advance that today was his birthday. ]

Kidding, kidding. Happy birthday, Daring.
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[ HE DOUBTS. He doubts very much that Daring is truly wounded by his words. ]

I didn't really forget. I remembered last year, after all. Why would this year be any different?
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[ Okay, okay. Now he feels bad. ]

It's still important. I promise.
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You're not more "just daring" than I'm "just dexterous."
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[ Dexter rolls his eyes. ]

Being daring is great. It means you're brave and heroic. All dexterous means is "good with one's hands."
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How is that working out for you?