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Can I say it now?

[He laughs cheerfully. He's content that he had another chance to happily wave goodbye before that ended.]

I can't make any excuses for my player's schedule, so I apologize for being a day late. Happy April Fool's Day to all the Chaldea Masters!

[He knows you'll succeed in your future journeys.]
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[ There's a bunch of emotions he's bottled up, things he always wanted to say but couldn't; how grateful he was, how sad he was, how happy he was for everything that Roman has done to him throughout his journey. But, well, there's only so much he could do, really. ]

...Hey, better late than never right?
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Says the most overworked man in the whole of Chaldea.

[ He knew how he would always be available for anyone that wished to talk to him, Servants or staff, how he would always be up later than he should be, or how he's generally just constantly there for all of them through it all. ]

I don't think Da Vinci would yell at you about this one.
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[ Hah, that's just like Roman to deflect these kind of saying. This nostalgic feeling does make it feel like he's never left in the first place. ]

It's her way of showing how much she cares about you. Or at least, I think it looks like that.

[ After all, considering the kinds of people he's dealt with, whether in those Singularities, or just daily life in Chaldea in general, he'd know a thing or two about how his allies act with each other. ]

...Everyone's doing well, by the way.

[ They missed him, he wants to say, but he knows Roman doesn't want them to say things like that. ]
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[ Of course he knows. He was... is the real Solomon after all, he should've been able to see way past the end before he lost it all from his own wish. A wish that, for Fujimaru himself, net him one of his closest friend in Chaldea. ]

Exciting, huh.

[ Well, it definitely was interesting, considering that the fact that even before everything began, Roman already helped him with this really nice coincidence. And that he summoned Arthur mere days after the end of that mess.

Boy, ironing out the problems with the various Servants that are currently in Chaldea with him was another thing entirely.

Though... ]

...Visitors from the moon? Like an astronaut-type Heroic Spirit? Or are they something more like our Mysterious Heroine X?

[ He does sound interested about it, at least. But ah, that would be spoilers, wouldn't it? ]
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I guess that can't be helped.

[ He smiled at that. It's a bittersweet one, for sure, but the fact that it's in this weird place between realities that they can meet again definitely softened the blow of their parting a slight bit. A short and sweet time that he will not remember when he ends up back in Chaldea.

Ah, it's that kind of April Fool's prank, isn't it? ]

It'd ruin the surprise, right? But that's why we (Chaldea and him, that is. And even Roman in spirit, because memories will live on even if that person's gone.) will keep fighting, so that these meetings will definitely happen.
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No, no, you've done it wrong. Since you're late you should try to prank someone first before wishing them a happy April Fool's. They won't expect it!
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Just come up with something! Dye your hair and pretend you're someone else.

[As long as it's not something like 'majesty' he doesn't mind.]
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Is it the last time? Every time someone says that, it's usually not the last.

[His statement makes sense to him, at least.]

We even met again after death. This won't be the last time. So then, you'll need to be better prepared next time.
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[He doesn't miss the hesitation. But he does pretend that he did. As he does.]

What do you think about whipped cream pranks?
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Define 'tons'.

[And while he's at it...]

And 'wasting'.
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So if it's not 'a lot' it's alright?

[He should listen to his elder and be more inventive with it.]
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Escaping is half of the fun of a prank.

[But alright. A human running from a berserker would be harder than a servant.] But I guess we can rule out berserker targets...
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You can only be a scapegoat if you get caught.

[He has faith in his son's abilities.]

That depends on who we can catch.
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[NONSENSE. He slings his arm around his new favorite son's shoulders.]

Because you've already decided to go along with it, right?
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[Doesn't he just? And they haven't even pranked anyone yet!!]

Well...since we have to be sparing in our use of whipped cream... [And he gets the sense that his son has a limited experience in pranking people as he had, before getting summoned in the modern age without a war to fight] first we find some sleeping people!

[As long as they escape quickly enough they won't have to see anyone upset!]
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Just what kind of pranking do you think we're doing today?

[Look at his expression, as if he's totally innocent and would never think of such a thing.]

April first isn't about that, Valentine's day is for those kinds of pranks.
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That cuts out half of our potential victims!

[What a party-pooper he is.]

...But if we come across people who are asleep outside their bedrooms it's different, right?
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Alright then!

[He has other schemes to get into rooms with women. Like his natural charm.]

Come on, to the whipped cream stash! And then you've got a few sleepers in mind already, right?
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We get them ahead of time and they won't expect it! [He's just looking for excuses to cause mischief with his entirely too serious son.

And just to cause mischief.]


[He squints at the younger-yet-physically-older man as if it could grant him telepathy.]

Someone? [Not plural?] Who's that?
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What? I don't sense anyone. [Said like he has presence detection...

and totally ignoring the chastisement.]

Alright then, lean in close and say it! I need to know so I can calculate our approach.
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That red archer!

[No. Hesitation.]

And Robin Hood. And our--the--Master. And the golden archer! And...oh, right. You didn't want us to choose any women.

[He waves his hand dismissively.]

What I want isn't important. Let's start with yours since you're involved.