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Canon = Tangled The Series. Maybe spoilers???

Let me make myself clear right now, Mun.

I have a hundred better things to do than let you do absolutely nothing with me. Oh sure you THINK you have plans for me but I know just what's gonna happen. I'll sit here up in your headspace along with all those other muses you decided to pick up at some point and you'll forget all about me within a week or so when you realise no one actually wants to interact with you or the character you decided to pick up on a whim.

I have enough on my plate taking care of Raps' and even more so that flake of a untrustworthy idiot boyfriend of hers (No offence, Rapunzel.) to be doing whatever it is you may think you want to do with me.

...And no I'm not gonna volunteer to keep an eye on that super active muse of yours. I don't get paid enough to deal with the kind of trouble she gets herself into. However if you want to throw me at some of her friends I may be able to deal with that.

Yes, even the giant. He doesn't seem that bad.
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We're generally quite friendly, if you're not looking for a fight.

[ By 'we' he means Giants, of which is he is half. ]

...Well, that's not quite accurate- Giants famously love amicable battles.
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Half, if you wish to be accurate.

[ Which doesn't stop him from being absolutely enormous, all the way up there at 8'7. ]

And I personally prefer to solve problems than start them, I just felt the need to defend my race in general.

[ He kind of forgets not everyone uses 'Giant' to describe a race. ]
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As far as I can tell, the world consists of trouble finders and problem solvers.

[ He on the other hand babysits everyone all the time because it's what he does. ]

Sometimes they swap roles, but everyone is half something at minimum. It's not so bad to be a caretaker.
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I am Viktor Holston, of the Greenland Tribe and Gandamak Family.

[ And he gives her a bow, with a fist on his chest. He's not quite Rapunzel levels, but it's still a good seven foot of hair that flips all the way over his head and back again. ]

A pleasure to meet a fellow care taker.
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I endeavour to do so. It is no simple task.

[ He gives a sigh, but it's very affectionate. He loves his idiots. ]

But nothing truly satisfying is. Hence why I try not to consider this situation too troublesome- the opportunity to learn new things and meet new kinds of people... without putting a dent in one's commitments. Though I do miss the paperwork sometimes.

[ No. That's not sarcasm. He is that big a nerd. ]
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Eugene is...he's not that bad. He saved me, Cassandra. He brought me back to my parents.

[He's...complicated. It isn't hard to see why others might be more cautious on her relationship with him, given his previous reputation and all. But Eugene is trying. And Rapunzel loves him. Shouldn't that be enough?]
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Eugene has that same goal of keeping me safe, Cassandra. He cut my hair back then even knowing freeing me would leave me unable to help him. Or -- I mean, at the time he didn't know my crying would....

[Even Rapunzel still may not quite be sure what happened there. But it still haunts her. That moment she knew he was gone. That she lost him and Mother Gothel, all she ever knew and loved. Eugene sacrificed himself for her. That's more than enough, to Rapunzel, anyway.]

As for that...I just...I love him. Of course I do. There's just so much, right now.
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Yeah? That...if you think you could convince him.

[As if that is difficult, where Rapunzel is concerned. Both her parents are rather soft and easy to sway when it comes to her, for obvious reasons of them just being relieved to have her back. It's still an adjustment in some ways. A lot of this. Even months later.]
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Oh, I think Pascal will be just as glad to get out of the castle for a bit. He's probably more itching to get out than I am, really.

[Which, yes. The tiny green chameleon hiding at her hair near her shoulder does in fact pop his head out from said blonde strands to nod his agreement. Besides getting out to explore more, he does agree that Rapunzel needs a break, as much as he too wants to get out.]
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[A laugh.]

I do believe I know precisely how you feel, child.
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No, truly. It is difficult to put up with bothersome royalty and be kept from ascending to the position that you truly deserve.
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You say that now. But one day, perhaps when your princess and her imbecilic boyfriend have assumed the throne, you'll see things my way.

[And that creepy villain vibe just got creepier.]
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No. It is supposed to make you think. It's to your own detriment if you choose not to.

[With that, he turns around and begins walking away.]

Do take care.

[He says this while sounding like he couldn't care less if she does or not.]
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[Is the giant.]



U-Um... Thank you?
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[Yup, about 50 feet tall to be exact. Slowly but carefully kneels down to show that he's gentle. Smiles down toward her.]

Th-That's alright, I get that a lot.

[Nods in a quick bow.]

Mm, That's me.

I don't think I've met you before, but my mun really likes your universe. What's your name?
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It's very nice to meet you too.

[Tilts his head in interest.]

I've heard about Princess Rapunzel, mainly about how nice and fun she is.


I always wondered what being a royal must be like.
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[Rubs the back of his neck.]

I-I don't think I need to...

Pretty sure I have to avoid human kingdoms in general anyway considering, w-well um...
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[He nods with a small smile.]

Y-Yeah I do now... And I'm so grateful for that.

Oh-I-If that's alright, I wouldn't want you to go into too much trouble.
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I've heard of them, all of what my mun told me.

Geeze leweeze, I only hope you guys don't run into more trouble, but that seems inevitable...
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Fingers crossed your Mun actually listens. Mine usually doesn't, but sometimes the stars align and they get the memo.

Props for sticking to your guns, though.