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Someone got the wrong message from Beauty and the Beast

Complete and utter royalist propaganda. Terrible propaganda at that. [Take a seat, he's feeling impassioned by this-] I have three main complaints.

First, the overstated metaphor of the entire narrative: the land where a prince does not rule his people is cold and barren- winter in the middle of summer. The people without their 'rightful' ruler are little, small-minded, scared by the mere mention of magic and other superstitious nonsense. Yet once their lord returns the sun shines and the people are overjoyed.

Second, the lesson this arrogant prince is completely incidental to his true crime. His treatment of the servants cursed alongside him, and, we can safely assume, the people under his rule. His love for the young woman shows no sign of redeeming this fault as he returns to his opulent lifestyle once his humanity is restored to him.

Which brings me to my final, and greatest, complaint: they set the young woman up as a progressive and educated ideal for the masses, only to have her fall in love with the prince- the very symbol of their oppression! We, it must be inferred, are likewise to see the monarch as an at-times boorish but kind-at-heart and benevolent force in our lives.

Bah. How any reasonable, well-informed person can be entertained by such insipid pandering to the crown is beyond me. It is intolerable.
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Pretty Face, it's just a story.
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Or it's just a story 'bout how what people look like don't mean that's all there is.
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Reckon not, but the people all worked there. If ye ask me it's that Enchantress what's in the wrong. She made people forget about someplace they worked at fer years because she didn't like one bloke.

[Gavroche looks serious]

An' if people can't work, well, that's when things get bad an' they listen to all sorts of stupid stuff. So... I reckon she's the one to yell at.
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Well yeah, 'course but ... why didn't anyone get mad at her? An' Mun [jerks his head back at his mun] says that the servants sayin' it were their fault for not trying to step in ain't right an' she's right. There's all them stupid rules.
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Well, that ain't right. [He's not at all educated, and he can tell you that for nothing] People might help to make ye think an' stuff but up to yerself to behave.

[He thinks some more] Didn't she want adventure? Don't reckon being married is adventure.
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... Still ain't going out an' doing stuff.
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They did tha' under the spell. They listened to that stupid one.
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Okay. But how? No one knew how to read but that girl an' they didn't like her for that, so how they gonna treat someone what knows how to do that structure thing?
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[Wow. Her ears are ringing.]

Uh, monsieur?
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Hello, monsieur.

[Belle merely answers with a gentle smile.]

I don't believe we have met. My name is Belle. [She manages a curtsy.] I see you feel strongly about my tale.

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[After straightening up, Belle keeps her expression pleasant, her mind alert. It has been quite some time since she had engaged anyone in a debate-like situation.]

Actually, Adam does have books on those subjects as well. Despite his joke on some of the books being in Greek, he has read them all, fiction and otherwise. I have perused books regarding the subjects you have mentioned as well.

His father, the king before, wasn't the greatest of influences I'm afraid. [She frowns at this, crossing her arms.] Despite his "expensive education", his energies were spent elsewhere. The king built him up what he was, cruel, ill-tempered, selfish, and shallow, but not what he was meant to be.

A person can change, monsieur. It is possibly the one thing that is constant in life. Although what he did to the village people, I may have been too young to remember that an injustice was happening but I cannot condone that. [Whether the townspeople were jerks or not, that was still an awful thing to do.] I will have to talk to him about that.

[It was just convenient that the Enchantress spell also erased the fact the peasants were heavily taxed just to fund the Prince's lifestyle.]
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Oh, yes. Or love. [There. She said it out loud, a wry smile gracing her features.] That might have been a factor.

Ah, that is something for Adam to ponder, is it not? I can only tell him what I think, offer my input, but he needs to go through the proper channels to decide if he'll continue being a monarch or not.

We're... also recovering from the spell of amnesia the enchantress had cast upon us that did last for how many years. Puts quite a damper on things, alas. But we did get along just fine without any prince or lord during the duration of the curse. I'll be sure to mention that, though.

So... [Belle offers a shrug.] We shall see.
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[Lumière looks deeply amused]

Do you not see the other side of the story dear sir? That love can set everyone free rich and poor, prince and villager? It does not matter to the heart that one is lower then the other, only that they understand and care about each other.
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[A shake of the head]

I would wish the two to work as one.

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Would someone who did not care for those beneath him let them go when they asked to be released from service? For my master did this when they one he loved asked.

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Had he been human yes he would have lowered the taxes and did so once he was human again. He made his mistakes as right as he could.

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Only three complaints?

[ Yes, this is literally all he took away from any of that. ]
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[ Always, friend. Always. ]

Only three main complaints, Enjolras? Surely you jest.
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That’s cruel, Enjolras.

[ But he’s smiling good-naturedly, because he genuinely and truly is the most infuriating person in the world. ]

Perhaps I neither wish to make case for the virtues of this store, nor wish to move on. Should I be silenced for having no opinion whatsoever? What of poor Grantaire’s voice in all of this?
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[ Give him a moment. Let him think. He doesn't care what the story says politically, but.... ]

Perhaps poor Grantaire should hold his tongue for a moment longer, as it seems he does have a contribution after all. For a tale which takes place in France, there was woefully little French spoken at all.

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[ YES! Yes, he should. But Grantaire is about to ruin it. ]

You've already taken all three other points and left none for the rest of us.
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To be fair, cursing a ten-year-old for being a brat isn't entirely just. *A moment of thought.* On the other hand, refusing to take in a homeless woman on a very cold night is almost as good as murder. Assuming that bit was in the film version.