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On S7 Spoilers and the Mun being Trash

You going to stop lookin' like that?

What happens happens, we don't have a choice over it. It isn't like you were hanging around like this last season...

Yes, I am glad I'm off the boat. Even if I wasn't on the boat but ...

No. Stop it. She'll be with her family. That's ... it's important.

[Gendry is not pleased with his mundane. Forgive her, for she has fandom feels]
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So your arms finally get a rest? That's good.

[Of course her first instinct is to tease him. But really. It is good to see him and know from this he should be alright. Hopefully. As alright as anyone could be around their situation, their home.]

It is. Well, what's left....

[She still has her list. Things to make right for what others had done to certain family.]
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No? I assumed so since we hadn't seen otherwise. [Teasing right back. Because of course she is, least of all with Gendry. It's just part of how their...their friendship works. Right from the start.

Though her expression darkens at his question there. The image of Ned's execution still vivid as if it were yesterday. Let alone later hearing about her brothers, her mother.]

You know not all of my family is still alive at this point.
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Some. I still need to find them though.

[Jon is easy enough if she heads North, knowing he's at the Wall. Or supposed to be there. It probably won't take her long to hear Sansa is still alive. It's Bran and Rickon she would be less sure on, having already heard they were killed what feels like forever ago now..]
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I do. I intend to find them.

[Whether she might wait once she figures what remains of her list or not is hard to say, but even so. Arya does mean to make the most of reuniting with those she can. Now that she's back home.]
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Something like that. Probably only a matter of time before I find you again too. Depending on where you ended up, I guess. Miss me?

[She's not so sure on actually talking to him about what she's been up to since he last saw her, but even so. She can't help asking, teasing.]

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Ideas? That could be good or bad though. [Probably bad. If Gendry is oblivious. Though Arya isn't necessarily about to say that aloud.]

I knew it.

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Probably. Wait, what about me?

[Gendry you aren't. Actually asking her if she missed you? Would she be here if she didn't? But no, to actually make her say it?]
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....I'm here, aren't I?

[That's...that's a 'yes' in Arya speak. Pretty much. Savor it, Gendry.]
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You want me to smack you?

[Gendry stop. It's embarrassing! Don't make Arya regret admitting this in her own roundabout way.]
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Haven't I told you already not to call me that? [Pretty sure she has. He's still teasing her, of course. But it seems to be a natural thing between them, the teasing. She isn't much better herself about it, to be fair.]
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I don't look anything like a 'lady'. That's Sansa. Not me.

[That much was obvious all along, in Arya's careless attitude with getting her clothes dirty or the like while her sister was the exact opposite in trying to keep hers neat and clean. Avoiding such play as Arya who preferred to join in with her brothers than sit and sew.]
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How do you mean? A lady is neat, and sews and plays house and all those things I never cared for.

[She's rather be a lord herself if it came to it, even if everyone else laughed at her for such ideas.]
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I don't see any dragons to ride here though.

[Not even questioning that the beasts would allow her to ride them, but the logic there being of a lack of dragons is clearly the problem here.]
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It can't be that much different from riding a horse though? I mean. Aside from the flying. I could probably do it.

[Arya please. But she's possibly stubborn enough at least.]