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[A situation like this requires crystal clear and guided direction, not to mention a firm hand. Sure, there's the tiny matter of her player's fundamental beliefs clashing with Pearl's own, but she's not exactly new to conflicting ideals. The key is to remain grounded and focused on the truth; namely that Pearl is the mind and mouth, and her player, the mere vessel. Saying it outright and taking up an argumentative stance would be a fruitless endeavor, at least if the very brief time she had been allotted for research in this strange dimension serves as any indication. So, she needs to be harsh, but she also needs to be gentle. Balance is crucial, and therefore nowhere as easy as it sounds. Despite her best efforts not to, Pearl still comes slightly condescending, almost as if speaking to a child.]

Now, player... While I appreciate your, erm, enthusiasm in the face of our current situation, I think it would be wiser if we carefully weigh all of our options before making any hasty decisions. We need to keep in mind what is best for Steven, after all. At such a young age, he's going to need me more than ever.

And don't even get me started on Amethyst-- [Already Pearl is talking with her hands, bordering on getting carried away, just not enough to point out a friend's more distasteful qualities in a realm full of potential strangers.] Well, you know how she can be. [She finishes, waving the comment off with a genuine chortle.

A chortle that turns to hollow laughter as tears well in the corners of her pale blue eyes. In a moment the weight and reality of the situation washes over her. There is nothing she can do, which is a soul crushing realization. Pearl can't help it, no more than she can fight off the tears; she is utterly selfish and unable to fathom anywhere without everything she holds dear.]

You can't break up the Crystal Gems!
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your pearl voice is absolutely magnificent, oh my gosh!!

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Woah-- uh...

[ Boy, this never gets easier to deal with. Especially when it directly follows the mention of her name. She would've been offended by that, you know, if it weren't for all the blubbering.

But as it is, have a... hopefully comforting slap to the back of your shoulder. Only strong enough to half knock you off balance. Is it helping??

C'mon, P. It's not that big a deal.
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Ugh. Could you cool it with the drama? [ Rhetorical question -- this is Pearl we're talking about. Amethyst's eyes are already threatening to roll up into the back of her skull. ] Look, there's nothing to get all hysterical about, alright? No one's gonna miss ya.
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Uh, first off, yeah you do. [ Let's be real here. ] But I don't mean just you, I mean it's this whole thing. With like... alternate timelines and parallel dimensions and junk. Steven's not gonna know you're gone, he doesn't know I'm gone, plus I've met like, five separate Stevens. Seriously, it's chill.
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[ She rolls her eyes through a sigh, but doesn't shake that hand off. ] Whatever, P. Does that mean you're done with the waterworks now?
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[ ... mmph. She cracks a bit of a smile. ] Hey, it's a step up.

Have you considered that this could, y'know, be a good thing?
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Ughhh, no, you're still not getting it! You're not going to miss out, either. Every time your mun-person sends you back, you'll be exactly when you left. You're not missing out on anything, dude, this just means you get to hang out in this time-space pocket where nothing you do's gonna change anything.

You getting the picture, P? Consequence free. Total no-responsibility zone. Maybe you could even get that stick from up your butt for more than five minutes!
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See, that's what I'm talking about. [ She rolls her eyes -- though there's humor to it now -- and smacks Pearl's back. ] Loosen up! Live a little! Think of all the hot girls you could chase into the night!
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[ ... Did Pearl just... nah. It's Pearl, of course she wouldn't. Just, nah. But then... what... ]

... Uh...



[ ???¿¿¿??? ]
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--Why am I running?!
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[Oh, no. He's glad to see Pearl, but he's not glad to see her upset; that's awful. Steven runs right up to her, lifting a hand to her arm.]

Pearl, it's okay!

[Well... 'okay' might not be the best word for it, not right now.]

I mean, it's not... it's not home. But it's not that bad, and you're not alone.
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No worries!

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[ It has been months since he had a good Pearl!hug, and he loses himself in it for a second or two. Then her question registers, and he cracks an eye open. How is he supposed to answer that one? The whole truth would probably just make her feel worse, and he's not good at lying.

What if he just... focuses on the positives? He's pretty good at that, at least. ]

I've met some really cool people. One of them is a musician, like Dad! [ Pat, pat. ] And there aren't any mutant gems or anything. Compared to Beach City, it's almost boring.

[ ...Almost. ]