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Spare change for the homeless nerd

Why don't you put me in a game? Seriously, I'm probably your strongest character right now. I know the last couple games you joined with the car and the kid from California kind of shot your confidence, but I'm ready to have my shot.

That one game you tried to put me in was dead in the water, don't give me that excuse! I want a real game with real storylines. Memes are nice but they're flaky. You figured that out when you organized my journal.

Anyway, I don't think I'm asking for much. We've got a couple good PSL's, but I want more. I want at least what the car got. I don't even care how much canon you merge. Get me some real friends besides the three (give or take) that I have.
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[personal profile] thwiplash 2016-06-02 07:14 am (UTC)(link)
You know, maybe if you asked nicely, your player might feel more inclined to comply with your requests. Ever think of that? I mean, would it kill you to say please?

[her voice is teasing, as is the smile on her lips. same old Peter, always hungry for more. she can't really blame him for wanting to get out more, though. the struggle is real when it comes to getting action in meme land.]
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You're telling me they have the power to resist those big brown doe eyes?? Heartless.

[she has to bite back the laugh that tails behind her words of sarcasm.]

Any of me?? You always have had a way with words, Peter Parker.

[it's nice to see you too, dollop head.]

I'm good, yeah. Better than the other mes, clearly. They don't get out much, apparently.
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Yes well, we all have our weaknesses.

[it's not THAT difficult, Peter! Gwen's already met Harry-that's-not-Harry-but-IS-Harry and she dealt with it just fine...! he still owes her a free punch, tho.]

The Alpha! Hah! Tell me, do you use that line on all the Gwens?