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Spare change for the homeless nerd

Why don't you put me in a game? Seriously, I'm probably your strongest character right now. I know the last couple games you joined with the car and the kid from California kind of shot your confidence, but I'm ready to have my shot.

That one game you tried to put me in was dead in the water, don't give me that excuse! I want a real game with real storylines. Memes are nice but they're flaky. You figured that out when you organized my journal.

Anyway, I don't think I'm asking for much. We've got a couple good PSL's, but I want more. I want at least what the car got. I don't even care how much canon you merge. Get me some real friends besides the three (give or take) that I have.
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Looking for a chance to do some real hero-ing, Tiger Beat?
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[ a flat look ] GQ.

You strike me as the type who played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons in middle school. Accurate assumption?
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I'm not sure where you'd get that impression. [ CLEARLY, HE WAS A PIMP EVEN IN SEVENTH GRADE. OBVIOUSLY. CAME OUT OF THE WOMB WITH SHADES ON. ] My operator over here, however, she's big into that kind of thing. You two would probably get along, except that she hates spiders, so actually, scratch that.

Point is, she likes what she's seen of you, kid, so she wanted to throw her own game's hat in the ring while you're weighing options. They could use some more competent hero types over there what with all their relentless saving the day they've got going on, but it's kind of bizarre, even as these things go. Not for everybody.

She doesn't play me there, but I'm still there, which is a sentence I'm still trying to wrap my head around. She'd rather play with Captain Hammer, apparently. No accounting for taste.
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Don't let the roster fool you - it's probably ... thirty? Or so people, tops. They all just scrabble for character slots like there's a Blue Light Special on Christmas Eve. I'm sure that's healthy.

So what do you think of the slightly scrawnier version of you anyway? He's missing the heartthrob factor, but he's got [ oh what's the word ] pep. Or maybe ADD. Not sure yet.
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Everyone thinks they want too much of a good thing until they have it. And that's coming from the poster boy for excess. [ no shame, at least. ] But that's the beautiful thing about a rewards-based activity program. They can earn their slots if they put in the time, and if they don't, they're stuck with their initial three schlubs. [ shrug ]

And hey, I'm a busy guy, alright? I was getting around to it. I think he probably needed the leg up more than you do, at least.

He's a good kid. Just needs some direction. The lady behind the curtain over here expected to hate him, and even she was charmed.
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I feel like he'd break that poor kid's brain. Which, to be fair, is kinda his schtick anyway.

He's over there, too, you know. Captain Terminal Cancer. Although I feel like mentioning him is a little like bringing up Beetlejuice.
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What kind of amateur waits for three times?
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Wow, like I even know the meaning of the word nice.

Seriously though is it some kind of rash? Should I be wearing gloves? I know I'm personally ribbed for her and/or his pleasure but this sounds like a condom situation.
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Now look what you did. You know he literally doesn't have an off switch, right?
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I really do get a lot of tail for someone who looks like the tail end of a blind mole rat. I call it the Ryan Reynolds effect. That or the "leave the mask on" effect.
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Right? We have totally different physiques.
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Whatever sells, huh? Good luck with that one.