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on going to [community profile] synodiporia, canon is Hamilton

I'm rather torn, I'm afraid. You say that Alexander's there, and I would... [ small pause to collect herself ] I would, of course, give almost anything to see him again.

But the children need me. Angie has taken a turn for the worse since Alexander died, and little Eliza doesn't even understand why her father isn't coming home. And with father dead, it's just me and Angelica left of our family. How could I possibly leave, even to see him?

I truly hope you know what you're doing...
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All I have heard about such places, my dear Mme Hamilton, is that those at home never knew that you are gone. Is that not one such place?

[ He would add condolences, but the words don't come, and it's only his voice, for the moment. ]
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... Is there anyone who has been to that particular place and then not, whom you may ask, perhaps? If not for your peace of mind there, at least before you go?
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Then all we can have is hope that they will not, for would not people otherwise have known that people go missing when they ought not?

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[WELL. He feels terrible. Really, really terrible, and he knows it's selfish of him but oh, God it's good to see Eliza again. There's not even a pause, he's just coming up and enveloping her in the tightest hug he can muster, who cares if it tugs at the stitches in his side.]

I've been told it's not exactly leaving, Betsey. A bit more like being in two places at once, which makes no sense at all, I know, but very little about this place makes any kind of sense.
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[Yeah, he's just going to continue clinging as tight as he can. He's not crying, it's just raining on his face, you hush.]

Good. [A beat.] I know I said it before, at least I think I did, but--I am so sorry, my love. I never wanted to leave you or the children. I don't --want you to leave them, but I must admit it would make my extremely strange afterlife more like heaven if you were to come to us.
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I miss you, too. [Another pause, though this one's a bit more thoughtful than anguished. He's definitely going to keep clinging, though.] I am not certain what to think of this place you might be joining us in, yet. It's the strangest place I have ever been; and yet the company is ....agreeable, at least. It's....not what I expected.

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I have been told that these places are more like a long dream than a journey to a far away country; that you fall asleep and awake just where you were, with little time having passed in between.

There is no need to be afraid of seeing him again for worry of the children.
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The decision would be a burden, if it was between him and your children.

[Love and duty are both loyalties of a kind, and the decision between two loyalties can be the hardest.]
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[He'd always prefer to have a say in the decision, no matter how difficult and scarring that turns out.

But he won't say that and instead laugh softly, nodding, tactfully teasing.]
That is a very motherly thing to say.

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There isn't any way to take everyone with you?

[ Hey Mom your son sure doesn't know how to broach the whole 'hi, I'm not dead, also what, dad is?' thing, so he's just going to say the first thing to come into his head. ]
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And Dad. [ It's almost prompting. Because she seems to have forgiven him and that's good, but definitely new.

A pause, and then, abruptly: ]
Mom, I'm sorry. [ his voice wavers, just a little. ]
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[ He hugs her just as tightly, comforting as best he can and clinging at the same time. Wishing he could turn around and undo it, but he doesn't say it out loud. He doesn't think he'd really have to, though.

He tries for composed again after a second, but he's not letting go just yet. ]

Is it a good place, at least? Is he happy there?

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threadjack BECAUSE SON

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[Yeah, hi Philip, have your dad kind of staring like he's seen a ghost here. He won't answer, because the question wasn't addressed to him, not really, and he's honestly not sure if he could keep his composure even if he did answer.

But he can manage a wave, how's that?]
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yes good

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[Considering he kind of has, Phillip isn't surprised. He waves back with a small, sad smile.]

Hi, Pop.

[There's nothing else he can think of to say, except to apologize to him too, so instead, he's just going to hug him now.]
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Hey, son. [Look, he can manage two words! We're making progress here. He is completely alright with that hug, returning it tightly.]

God, it's good to see you.
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You too. [And now there will be clinging. This situation definitely calls for clinging to both of them, yes.]

Are you... all right? [The tone says how aware he is that that question is completely understated - considering both dead and dropped into a new place alone - but he can't find a better way to ask. Besides maybe please tell me everything that's happened since I died, and god, I don't even know how long ago that was.]

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