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Mal ([personal profile] callmeaschemer) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2016-01-23 01:30 pm

On the Games, AU Ideas and Whatever

So we're doing that thing where I talk to you again and you don't listen? Great, just what I needed with my day. Like being stuck up here wasn't enough of a pain already.

I don't care what happens overall with that game you put me in. Whatever happens, I'll end up doing my own thing - that's what you liked about me in the first place, right? It's not like I actually get doing anything fun there anyway - and what's the obsession with the ripping hearts out? I'm not "Regina Mills". You can be all about the "alterna-verse family" all you like, it's not my reality, and I'm not going to play.

And I hate your ideas, that enough feedback for you? Can we get to the part when you finally let me work out how to do the dragon transformation? That seems to be the only thing you've come up with lately that I'm actually okay with.

No, I don't miss any of them, stop suggesting I do.

Okay, maybe a little...