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A Kind Word

Dearest Mundane,

Hold your head high, your sadness is not an insult to you. That you feel so deeply can only be a sign of such empathy. But if I could be a fairy godmother for you, Mundane, I would. This will not last forever, have courage and you will see it through, I assure you. The sadness will pass, it all will.

And please do not be concerned for me. While it would be nice to see my... to see Kit once more, I do not worry for him. He is far more capable than I, and he is surely rising to any challenge put in front of him. As must we. This game... we both know that it is not quite for me, though I do appreciate the thought. You have two already happily situated there, allow them the time. I can wait.

As always,

Your friend,

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That's quite a kind note to your mundane. It seems that most people here hate their mundanes.

[She shrugs lightly.]

Mine has been good to me in general, beyond 'shipping' me with the oddest people. But she means well.
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I'm glad for you then. It seems that some mundanes exist to torture their muses.

Forgive me, 'shipping' is one of my mun's terms. It means putting you in a relationship with other people, usually people you would not normally be in a relationship with.
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Not particularly. I will give her credit, she tries to pick men whom she thinks I will get along with. She does not intentionally put me in terrible relationships. But the men are not ones I would typically choose.
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No... Honestly none of them have been terrible so much as they have been unsuitable, people Papa would probably balk over. I think her point is for me to expand my horizons, as it were. Or perhaps to show me that a man does not need to have a title to make me happy. It's very middle class, really.

I suppose your mun does not do this to you?