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((Primarily Soft!Chara, but I'm flexible))

You have got to be kidding me.

Really. Out of everyone you could have played to get into RPing again, out of everyone in this world, you chose me. ME. Don't you realize how stupid you are? You don't want to play me. You can't handle me. I'll just bring you heartache, and I'm not talking about murdering everyone again.

Fine. I'll stick around. Gotta be there for you in case you lose your damn nerve.
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[A cyriak abomination looms over you with a smiling TV face.]

Well well well, if it isn't my best little buddy in the whole world.

[The smile on the screen flickers and warps for the briefest moment.]

My! What a good pal you are to your player! It warms the cockles of my h e a r t.
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Oh really? They give you the gift of existence and that's how you want to repay them?

How sweet. I wouldn't expect anything less.
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I meant here and now, idiot. You only exist Right Now because some human thought it would be fun to watch you suffer.

So how does it make you feel? Being totally dependent on a human? Talk about not fair, am I right!
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[The face on the screen flickers once with irritation.]

Oh, you like pain! You e n j o y it! HA HA! How could I forget?

How about I bake you a nice pie! With EXTRA BUTTER.
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[ omg. ]

You're even stupider than you look.
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Nah, I always knew you were sick, Char. [His thorny talons inch closer to the spot where Chara stands.] But my innocent mind couldn't accept it.

Oh, but things are different now. Much different. You like being subjected to pain; I like dishing it out. And with my power, I can make your future an ETERNITY OF PAIN. Golly, imagine that!

[He lets out a blood curdling laugh that shakes the darkness to its very core. Then, with a giant cactus paw, he reaches for Chara meaning to grab him.]
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[He sees that knife but he isn't especially worried about it. What can a tiny knife do to a god? Really. (Still, a save point might have been created.)]

Do you really think you stand a chance against me? Boy, you really ARE an idiot!

[The face in the screen imitates Chara's horrorface, complete with black fluids oozing from his mouth and empty eye sockets, and dripping right out of the screen itself.]

But I know you'll enjoy this. Sicko.

[He swats at Chara like a tiny insect.]
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[The blade is soaked with the blood of those he once loved—his mother, his father, friends he'd wished he'd had. The wound it leaves bubbles and sizzles while acid green blood gushes out. It's not enough to slow him down but it hurts like a mother and he yelps in pain.

With Chara knocked aside, he lifts his paw to examine the wound, a look of annoyance on his screen. Growling, he laps at the escaping blood with a tongue that shouldn't be possible and shoots Chara a challenging glare. Then he grins.]

You never did like to play nice, did you. it's my turn.

[Somewhere from his body, he launches one vine after another at Chara, each one trying to wrap itself around any body part it can snag, trying to trip Chara up and drag them closer. The vines are easy enough to slice through but there seems to be an endless supply.]