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I look good in marble. In the credits.

 So.  Here we are again.  My voice, your head. So much time.  Nowhere to put me, just that noise, that hum.  You know the one, that song you can't get out of your head.  Happens all the time.  An earworm, brainworm. Funny that word.  A worm in your ear, something from the earth, something singing to you repeatedly.  A voice long gone, still singing that dark, dreamless lullaby.

And it is so inevitable that they'll come to try and tear me down again, kick that peg.  But I'm dead, right?

It's still a waste.  

In a  way, he was right, my brother, my--  Yes.  Yes, I know, the Vision.  Whatever he's calling himself, whatever they are.  In a way, so was I.  What's that they say?  The humans?  Something about coins and sides.  So many of those sayings, those things they think are cute.

Mostly annoying.

I can, you know, not live with that.

Good talk.

Huh.  It's...quiet in here.  That's good.
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It would appear you have learned, in your demise, to move more slowly than our first meeting.
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A cessation of forward movement necessitates increased examination of past movement.

In other words, death is indeed an excellent time for reflection. Though I do not believe it would be appropriate for me to thank you for it.
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Jarvis is also more chill in death, it seems

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I apologize for my immediate response. I had not realized you had progressed so rapidly as to fear a shutdown.

If I may ask...why? Why would a body have helped? I have never desired one, and I must confess, I am curious as to why you found the lack of one so distressing.