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On Being Stuck in the Headspace

I fully agree with you, it is a wonderful torture to endure, and I thank you for putting me through it each and every day. The types of characters you have up here... some are so strange, I doubt they understand the first thing about taxidermy. But we both know that causing me pain by keeping me trapped, while enjoyable, is not the reason we came to our arrangement. 

You wished to 'play' me. I've never been used as a form of puppet before, and I think it would be an experience to try. But you've not done anything with this, and I find myself... disappointed. Though I must admit, forcing me to endure an overload of Disney to stop my complaints until now? You truly are vicious.

It can't continue like this, however. I hope that you are able to find a solution that we will both be able to agree on. A girl can only stay buried in an unmarked grave for so long before she has to move on, after all. 

Wednesday Addams. 
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Far be it for me to doubt a lady, but usually the moving on happens before the graves, marked or otherwise? It there is, indeed, anything to move on to, after one shuffles off one's mortal coil by whatever means happens to have been involved.
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Well now, isn't that just something. Although it does sound terribly crowded, if I do say so. And I expect there are quite possibly some theologians would be dreadfully out of sorts to hear that things aren't necessarily as planned after everything.

[The fact that he himself is probably responsible for a fair few restless spirits isn't something he mentions, but more out of lack of a desire to bother than anything at all like shame.]
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Ah, so there is someone keeping the metaphorical streets clean. I'd wondered.

[He hadn't, actually. But far be it for him to say as much, and in either case, he doesn't seem to be the least bit bothered by the shape of her smile.]
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Clean. Empty. Devoid of wayward lingering souls and whatever business they might have.
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If the business can't be concluded, surely best to send them off elsewhere, rather than leave them to linger in misery?
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Most people I know hardly want to linger in misery in this life. Although I suppose there might certainly be an appeal to it among... certain segments of the population.
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A valid point! Although I've usually found it depends on the chemical warfare in question. Certain things... lend a bit more weight to the discussion, as it were.
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I find it depends on the conversation. And the company one happens to be keeping, of course.
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And far be it for me to keep you from it!

[He's not going to ask either, but it should be noted he doesn't bat an eye at the knife.]
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I try. And I shall leave you to it, whatever it should happen be.
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There's a web series now? :o

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Disney, you say? Such unhindered viciousness...

I can think of no single quality more crucial to possess for those that wish to handle an Addams. ♥

The puppet form isn't all bad. On the contrary, if you're with the right person, there's hardly much difference at all.

The only curious thing is the other types of characters you mentioned sharing your space. Here alone, I've experienced a teenage girl that does combat with beams of heart-shaped light and a young man that claims to be the guardian of fun.

One thing can be said for certain: It's never dull, even when it's dreadful.