Sep. 12th, 2017

starkretary: and no one else was present (the creature stood on a bridge)
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We don't need to go on a date, that won't help anyone. If anything, it would further harm his outlook and confuse him.

We're not the same kind of program.
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Ooohh! Thank you so very much for the picture you drew of me! The likeness is splendid!

Ample warning to the gore-queasy before looking upon it, however...

Thank you as well for all these little images; icons? It makes me feel so appreciated. Understood, even. How refreshing...

Between this and befriending yonder Kin who classifies himself a demon? I feel nearly spoilt! It hardly makes up for the dreadful realization I'm flesh and blood again, alas. But it does helps.
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I'm not particularly all right with being put into that horror show with much pressing matters on Azeroth in need of my attention.


Pause. ]

I do admit it's nice to see Varian again, though the fact that you've brought Medivh into things just complicates things especially with the other possible people you have your friends picking at.

There are still more pressing matters. And me having a panic attack because I am on Argus is not--!


I was more worried should Sargeras take his wrath out upon Azeroth while I was not there to help protect it.
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I want to stop being naughty... I don't want to work for the Impresario anymore. I'm so f-fucking scared of him. Do- do you think anyone else wants Dickie?

Is making friends hard when- when you look scary? What about a real boyfriend? Ooh. [ He's never left that building before. ]
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According to you, I'm cold and uncaring, but Light is "cute and wholesome". It makes me glad that you see things in such an objective manner.

Oh? You meant in regards to our personalities in the original source material?

...that's not supposed to make me feel better, I assume, because otherwise you'd be doing a terrible job at cheering me up. Which I don't need, by the way; unlike you, I'm fully aware that being "nice" and being a good person aren't necessarily the same.
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Look who suddenly has time for me. Where were you when new comics were coming out? And zhey centered around me even, and yet, nozzing from you. How very strange.

Eet ees almost as eef you did not care about me. Zhat ees a poor look mon ami. And here I am, doing nozzing but being accommodating and supportive. You should count yourself lucky zhat I am so charitable.
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About time you paid attention to me again. No one should be deprived of Denny Crane. Pretty sure it's illegal in Texas.

Nice name, too. Classy and straight-to-the-point. You don't need wordplay. Puns are for hippies.

Now if you're gonna find me a place, there's a few ground rules. High-rise, balcony view. Scotch and cigars are a must. Throw in Shirley, and you've got yourself a deal.

Ready? That's what I like to hear. Lock and load. Denny Crane.
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Requiescat, Francis Xavier. No time off, for good behavior.

He sang with pirates, as you well recall...gave words to ghosts who were having a ball. A master of music, one of the best...and now in peace, may he forever rest.


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