Sep. 10th, 2017

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Ah! Dearest and best, most beloved friend, shall I play it for you in song? C'est familier, mais n'est pas trop familier, mais n'est...well, you know the piece. And, in a round with as many voices as a production can afford to employ in its ensemble: nothing changes.

Would that our efforts, in life and in death, yielded more favorable outcomes! Did I not forfeit this game centuries ago? Your support is invaluable and truly, still, a novelty! If Papa was here, could you imagine? Here, I mean, in the present, in this, my-your-our standard undead reality, of course, not any of those in which I find myself still within his care or, at least, company and, at best, rock and roll band.

...There is an increase of clown activity in your cultural consumption right now, is there not? I am not ashamed to say that I wish there was not.

Well! Demons, surplus of fools, or none, we must keep trying because I am fond of neither defeat nor silence. You may recognize yourself in memes about my alleged melodrama, but I think I should choose to stay on my feet, thank you very much!

Thus I say to you, best and most prideful and persistent little self, what tune do we sing next?
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Not too bad! You've got a long way to go before you'll understand people the way I do, however. Don't be disappointed by that... no one loves people as much as I do, and this place has me intrigued. Heroes and villains? Everybody needs information in a world like that. Everyone's willing to do something to get it.

Haa, you've actually gotten me excited now, I'm imagining all the new things I can learn about humanity that can only exist in a place like that... yes, I've decided. It sounds like a perfect place to start over with a new game.

Don't disappoint me.
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Soooo, remind me why going to some other shitheel of a universe where I can't fuck, steal or murder my way to the top is a good idea?

No seriously. Like, I get that it's free. But it sounds sickeningly similar to reality. Snore. BOOOOOring.

The whole magic of Westworld was that I didn't actually have to give two shits about ethics and morals for once in my fucking life.

Yeah. No. Hard pass.
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How long do you plan on twiddling your thumbs? All you've done is hang me out on some of these "memes" like bait on a hook. Be productive! Go send me out to meet other people and display my talents.

If you're not going to allow me to see action elsewhere, kindly let me return to my unit. We're still fighting a war whether your childish games here continue or not.
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I'm not really sure what you mean when you talk about this 'script' and the 'massive plotholes, canon discrepencies, and glorified fanfiction' but... I guess it's nice that you still like Albus and I?

I mean you're this disembodied something that I don't really understand and I kind of wish it was the rest of the kids at Hogwarts that thought we were swell but hey! This is something. Don't know WHAT, but it sure is something.

Not sure what else you seem to be planning there but I'm not going anywhere without him either. Just so you know and all.


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