Sep. 8th, 2017

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Ha, well...! I'm not sure about flawless. Nothing's perfect! That's why there're prototypes and tests an' stuff.

But I am glad you like the new game so far, mun. A lot'a people seem to!

And... well, if you gotta take a break for a bit, you do what you gotta do. I could probably use a break, myself. There's only so many times I can revamp the power supply or the weapons system on the Whirlwind Mach, though I do like the idea of installing a cloaking device on it!

I'll still be hanging out, whatever you decide.

And I'll be ready to kick evil butt when you are!
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So... You're supposed to be the scribe of my story then. I'd rather not. Things gets hectic enough back home with gods, cults and what not. I have a pack to run y'know. Heck, I'm not the main guy am I? So why are you doing this?

If I'm honest, I think you got a werewolf problem buddy.


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