Sep. 7th, 2017

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It's been far too long, player. Let me guess: you found the theming of Forces familiar and thought of me, and our Confucio Ordinario days? Even if the odds of my showing up in Forces are -

- Working, Sally.

I appreciate it, but I don't need you to tell me how unlikely it is, NICOLE. Still, a girl can dream.

Between Forces and Mania, Sonic is having a blast, I'm sure. What, do you think that if those can bring me back from the dead - so to speak, though taken literally it wouldn't be my first time - you're bound to find Sonic here? Or at least, a Sonic.

Probability over 85%. Your presence here also increases those odds.

Anyway. You have a lot of catching up to do with canon review if you're really set on continuing the fight with me. Start with the cartoon and then work your way through the comics.

One way or another, I trust you'll find a game for NICOLE and I. Just as soon as we find a Freedom Fighter who's scouted ahead.
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I can't see my face! Quickly, describe my face!

[ It's... pink with blonde hair and weird pink hair dye?

Oh my God, you're terrible at this! This is gonna take forever.

Hey, don't complain about the pink, at least is not comic sans.

So, uh, text as a storytelling media. Old school. I can dig it.

...reaaaaally exciting stuff. Yeah.

What the hell is a "dressing room"?
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I was wondering when you'd finally get around to allowing my magnificence out and in the open! Of course, my first priority is finding the princess and the paladins, and after that it's moving ahead to whatever we can do to protect the universe!

Although, that name isn't quite what I had in mind. I am a gorgeous man, perhaps it should have been something relating to that? I understand the reference is to some earthling sports' teams and how they have someone coaching them, but I think I still would have preferred "thegorgeousman" like you were originally planning!


What's that funny look for? Do I have something in my moustache?
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Well, how about that.

You know, I can't confirm or deny that there's anything more than a passing auditory resemblance. If she namedrops her second cousin Holtzy, though - well. Booyah.

[ Holtzmann grins. ]

Also? Love the bus.
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A land of emotions? Don't I...feel it is? [Flattest of flat expressions.] I really don't get a say in this, do I.

[Annnd the depression sinks in...and the fear.]
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So now you want to put me into Midnight, one of those people who just passes through.

I mean, you've already dropped me into basically any other urban fantasy series, might as well add that one to the list. Except that now you're worried that me and the Winnebago is too close to Manfred and his motorhome.

Well tough titty, because that Winne has been the one defining characteristic through each new hell you've put me through, I'm not going to give it up just because you want to try another one.

Not that it really matters, we both know you haven't seen anyone from the show kicking around.


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