Sep. 5th, 2017

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Haunting my alma mater? Really? Is that the best you've got, after two years? I ostensibly can't let go of this plane of existence, but that doesn't mean I can't let go of anything. You know a thing or two about campus ghost stories; do you think I wanna be That Guy? Unequivocally no. That's inviting so much posthumous reputation-damaging trouble.

If this is a matter of my own choices, I'm keeping to my neighborhood. It's a little more chill. I know I won't snap and turn into a Peeves on some rowdy undergrad youths.
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Listen, lady.

Just 'cause you managed to dust me off doesn't mean a damn thing. I'm not going easy on you this time and the places you have in mind are pretty messed up. So don't think I'll be going along with it all, especially when you have Al to look after in that Quarantine place. Besides, Al's more important anyway and I got other stuff to do. Y'know, like avoiding that creepy Nico kid sitting up here too.
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I still do not believe it is not a good idea to try this, miss player -- no matter how you might miss it.

My experiences there were different the first time in Genessia, and you wanted me to bring my Nautilus memories with me this time, but... I still stand by that it would simply cause more pain than it would do any good. Not just for me, but for the people who knew me there. I understand you seem to be more fond of my experiences and how they happened in Nautilus, and... After what I had gone through in Genessia the first time, I will say I cannot fault you for that.

There would be too many I would miss that I know now though were I to arrive from Nautilus, and the last time you tried this you wound up favouring Nautilus regardless, to the point where you knew you would have no mind for Genessia. Please stop entertaining the idea.

Even if you find those memories fun, and while I hold some treasured memories there as well... It may be time for both of us to let go of it.


I do admit, I do miss them all a great deal. But it is better this way, is it not? Let those memories remain good, rather than tainting them with a bad experience because you wanted to try something that you know has failed before. There is much happening where I am at for the time being, and that should be enough.
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Ah, yes. Feeling nostalgic, are we, my dear? In times of distress, we often turn to that which we find most familiar. Although, even you must admit, the boy has spirit. A bit misplaced in his efforts, but we all find our particular niche in time, don't we?


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