Sep. 3rd, 2017

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Ah, yes, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist me forever, ma chère.

I'll admit you lasted a few years longer than I thought you would, though. [He exaggerates dusting off the mun's mindspace, faking a coughing fit and sneezing for real.] You really should clean here more often.
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A red box flips open and the large, white vinyl thing inside it inflates. Within seconds it begins to form a round, soft humanoid shape with two black eyes. He is quite puffy and non-threatening, almost huggable, and he steps as delicately from his box as a large marshmallow-y man can.

He takes a few steps forward, the vinyl squeaking with each step, and then stops, making a very robotic circular waving motion with his arm.

"Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion," he informs whoever will listen, his voice cool-toned and gentle, but slightly disjointed as if being generated by a computer. "I was alerted to the need for medical attention by the many sounds of distress here in..." he blinks, seeming to realize that he doesn't know where he is.

With slow, evenly timed movement, Baymax turns around where he stands and tilts his head up and around, searching for a sign. "... Dear Player." Satisfied that he's figured it out, he turns back around again.

His head rotates as he examines his surroundings. "There seem to be multiple patients in need of assistance so please form an orderly line, with those needing immediate attention in front."

With his black sensory cameras trained on the first person he sees, he takes a couple of waddling steps towards them as a rectangular screen lights up on his chest, displaying ten little icons of cartoon faces in varying degrees of anguish, and accompanying numbers underneath them. "On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your pain?"
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I don't know what a "Remnant" is but I have to say, humans are more tenacious than I thought.

And if they're anywhere near as clever as Kaban, then they would indeed make for a worthy opponent! Especially that blonde one you showed me, she has the spirit of a warrior inside her!

You reminded me how bored I am "Player" with your inactivity, you say you're planning something with me and the rest of Japari park with this "Remnant"? Then you better get off your lazy butt and do it, along with the numerous other things you promised.

[She stands, arms crossed]

No excuses, finish what you started.
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The entire point was to keep an element of surprise with that, you know? It'll be a drag to have stronger vampires not underestimate me because you gave it all away with a username like that.

It'll get pretty boring real fast.

[ Crowley gestures vaguely through the fourth wall. But he doesn't actually look all that bothered. ]

I get you're trying to make things interesting again yourself. But you're just human livestock like everyone else anyways, so just stick with that.
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Rumors are rumors and they should not be heeded. {She smiles, satisfied with what has been revealed.} A spirit can hardly rest when such lies are told about them!

{Not that she looks worried about what has been said. It's all rather entertaining to watch.}

The truth is either a bore to hear - for those with hearts not invested - or somehow worse. Only time will tell. Either way, my story is done.


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