Aug. 19th, 2017

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 No, not okay!

What the hell? My life both in game and out wasn't hard enough as it is that you have to go and add more shit?! And for what? Because a movie pissed you off?

No, you know what? Fuck you. Just because you're insecure about your identity is no reason to take it out on me. I'm a human being Goddamit and I have rights!
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Well I'm certain that he'll be all for it. So long as he gets to run around and wave his lightsaber. I'd hope it would focus more on what it was like before. Back when Jedi were actual peace keepers and not adventure seekers waving weapons around and treating every problem as if it requires a military response.

However, I wouldn't count on it given what people seem to be so keen on seeing.

I must admit, it would be nice to see him again. Perhaps without that beard hiding his face.
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Your squeaky noises about the art aside, this isn't so bad.

Really wish you weren't sending me to Illbleed, though.
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You have the audacity to mock my legacy, yet look at yourself! What scientific breakthroughs have you accomplished in your lifetime?

If I only had an inkling more of time, the G-Virus would have been flawless. I... I was rushed. They were trying to stop me, trying to shut me down. What would you have done in such an epidemic?

No, if anything, I built a significant legacy. I will be remembered. That much is certain.
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My dear Mundane...

I've heard a troubling rumor of Great Eclipse befalling your country in the coming days. Please, do be careful; you're not prepared to face the dangers that lurk where the shadow falls.
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I... I mean, I understand what you're trying to do? It could be interesting, sure.

But I also think that you're setting yourself up for disappointment. I'd essentially be an OC? And that fandom in particular is more critical of those than most.

Might be better to try writing fic of it instead.
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[Pumkin fidgets with the sleeve of his shirt and looks uncomfortable. Where is everyone and why is he here?

Who's going to feed the soft bubble Bamans (and Piderman)? That's really important okay.]
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It's fine! It's fine, okay? I know it sounds bad, but Ane-ue means well. And...and I'm sure even if she didn't try to make me cry, my esteemed and uniquely talented big sister would move me to tears with the power of rock and roll! I won't have you thinking badly of her!

[listen friends theres a reason his username is this travesty]
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An alternate universe, huh?

[She grows quiet after that. Her ever present smile never fades, but the corners seem...odd. Wrong. That expression's even more fake than usual, but it isn't a hollow smile. There's something to it, though certainly not happiness.]

Naw, I think I'll pass! Thanks for the consideration, though!
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W-what! But that's not fair! I was supposed to be the one next in line! I even spent weeks practicing the perfect head tilt! Why then does that wretched brat Saber of Red get to have her tale told before my glorious magnum opus! Could it be that 37,842,752 pages was too much? Should I have trimmed out more of the beach arc?

[As heartbroken as she is, at least Mordred isn't here to poor salt on the wounds. Especially not that specific Mordred she was talking trash to before.]
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Now darling, don't deny you did this because you missed me and my siblings. Though, with all that effort, she still couldn't find Xander.

[Oh my god shut up]
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This is turning into a dance, dear. We leave, we come back, we leave again, we come back again. It's been years since we've last committed to anything. What on earth makes you think we'd find something to commit to this time?

And don't even deny you missed me. This happens nearly every time you thoughtfully stare at that small statue of me next to Steven.


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