Aug. 14th, 2017

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Dear mun,

I bring you word from your muse, which is me, and a question, too, I bring along the road. You don't expect me to be as much fun as the other one, do you? I don't approach life as lightly, nor love, nor language, I might turn out a weight around your ankles, after all, I might drag your spirits down. Will you risk it?

Will you, you ask, but I have no answer to that, not yet. Give me time, although time has come and gone and flown on feathered wings, hasn't it? In due time, we will know. Both of us.

Kindest regards,
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I knew you'd come back 'round eventually. And for more than a sunk cost, too, eh?
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[ for a long time kira is just quiet. she looks uncomfortable, maybe a little hurt but mostly just really sad. ]

I mean... I didn't think they'd wait around for me but... did everyone just forget I exist?

[ probably. ]
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You gonna stop those bloody boat jokes now?


It's been a long time. Things weren't how they were. But ... dunno what's gonna happen next, do I? Let's just swing the hammer and then see what happens
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Knew you couldn't resist me, trin.

But you realize no one is going to get that joke in my username, right?  Not that I don't appreciate it!  You've got a dirty mouth and I like that quality in a woman.

Not sure how you're going to manage to find me another di'Taykan around here, though.  At least with the others I had a chance of getting some at an outpost or whenever we docked somewhere but this place?  There's no way.  You'd better come up with some way to keep me occupied.  You know what happens when I get bored.


I said bored, not lonely.  If you think I can't find my own entertainment then se vriti kayt seet.

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I do not recall the amount of years we have spent together. Though I imagine they out weigh most of those who reside in your imagination.

[head space, sensei.]

However, while I appreciate your want to continue our time together I sense hesitation on your part as the writer.

[well, yeah!]

Perhaps we should start with a review.

[and food.]

And tea.

[You are so my favorite rat. :3]
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...You plan on sending me to a place where I'll become a what, now?
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[ only a few more days... exciting, isn't it? with a low scoff, she rolls her eyes. ]


[ but wait, THERE'S MORE. it just keeps getting better. fuck everything. ]

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Well hello dear,

Oh this is just lovely, absolutely lovely!

But you know, I am a busy fairy, being headmistress and all.

At the very least, I need to be home before midnight, I think we can compromise on that, at least?

Yes, I thought so!

And you mentioned I might be able to see all my students? Oh, now that would be just so nice!

And I must say, I love the name!

Now, mustn't dawdle, you have lots to do!


Fairy Godmother


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