Aug. 6th, 2017

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You dragged me into your head for this?

Do you even know how to play me right? I'm more than just an asshole.

Only, like. 75% of my time goes into being an asshole. 80% of it goes into engineering.

Yeah, that's a 155%. But only if you're too simple to account for overlap. Also, I'm awesome.
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This is fucking stupid. You're stupid, like David. I'm not going to like anything. If that's what you're hoping, you're going to be proven wrong.


Oh. You want me to hate everything. Well fuck you too then.

Isn't this kidnapping? Where are the police when you need them?
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You're either incorrigible or highly unintelligent.
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S'bout damn time, lady! Only took damn near two years- and now you're back knockin' at my door all of a sudden??

[if looks could kill...!!!]

Forget it. I'm not down for getting jerked around.

[Ryuuko didn't choose the thug lyfe etc etc. except she kind of did but.... details....]

The hell kinda greeting did yah really 'spect? I ain't kissin' no ass. If it's a heartfelt reunion you're lookin' for try picking a different character type.

[the tsun is stronk in this one.]


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