Aug. 5th, 2017

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Oh, come on, you're upset over the state of things? Where were you in the beginning?

Don't think for a second this is a setback. Don't think for a single moment anyone can rest, either. It's just the beginning, and we have so much work to do.

Everyone has to play their part. You, too.
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Wait, so I'm gonna go to space?! [She's definitely imagining something like Robot Unicorn Attack, judging from how big her eyes have gotten.]

Can I bring Waddles? Will Dipper be there? He better, he'll be so mad he won't get to be a dork about space stuff. [--Also because it's just -- weird when Dipper's not around. She'll pine, even if she's not gonna admit it.]

Ohmygosh, will I get to meet cute space guys???
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So, you're seriously considering this 'game' thing huh?

Must we? I'm enjoying just lounging around and not doing anything...


No tuna and only diet kibble? You're mean.

...Fine. [Long suffering sigh]

Find somewhere that's not too violent and I'll give it a try.

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Wahaha! The Demon King of ROCK! The Demon King of SPEED!

It's an Oda type summer festival! I'm gonna blow 'em all away! Was there someone else with me? It was an assassin, right? An assassin. You don't even know when those guys are around anyway, so it's not like they'll be taking any of my hard earned screen time. They can just sit tight and wait for their own sequel.
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Dear God, you are completely insane! I can't go to Space Jail! I didn't do anything to deserve this! I swear!
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OK. Sure we may have something in common, Star-Prince and me. But I'm not following up on what you're planning. I may technically be an outlaw, if you'd finally get things straight, but I do have my reasons for going AWOL. Neither which are pleasant. So why me? Why not that fuse guy? Johnny?
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No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. no! Just rewind and freeze! I'm not doing this, I'm not! You have like a zillion other people in your head, not in the crazy way (I think) but in the you have a zillion other characters you could be playing why are you picking me?

I'm also way too busy! I have princess lessons, and homework. I don't have time to be off ...doing things, even if some of them sound really fun and Lilly would probably kill me if I didn't do them. Can we just like not tell her and you can go do your thing and I can do mine? I'm stressed out enough as it is.


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