Aug. 4th, 2017

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It's a very good question. How would a Shadowhunter react to me? My powers do not have a demonic origin and as a Whitelighter I'm pretty much half way to angelhood.

Would be interesting to find out though.
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Oh, I know; I know — you're disappointed, right? What did you expect from a room full of fat-faced fools who couldn't read even if a book had legs and its skirts were hoisted above its thighs.

Chin up, buttercup. Our train doesn't stop here. After all, one step forward, two steps back, and you — are still going back, remember? It's a valiant effort, I must say. All of Roland's droning? And I mean, Jesus, how long are we gonna have to sift through that junkie's baggage all over again?

Still, it's been a long time since you and I tangoed: you think you remember the steps?

Here, I'll lead. You? Make like our beloved and virtuous Gunslinger and follow.
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Reminiscing, are we?

[ He thinks this is funny as hell, don't mind if he laughs. ]

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You always were a sentimental type, all things considered. We caused quite a stir back in the day, didn't we? All sorts of trouble and mischief.

[ He cracks a grin just thinking about it. ]

So. You wanna have a go of it again, little miss mun? Or are you gonna chicken out?
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You... How could you not post it on time!? You even finished it so why did you leave it for the last minute?

[Her hand shoots up to silence any response.]

Nevermind! It doesn't matter. Now Itsuki is... Itsuki is...

[It almost seems like she's going to cry.]

She's all alone! Well I guess Yuna is there too but... But she's surrounded by weird creatures in a weird place! And they're going to make her work as a hostess or something! She'll undoubtedly be cute BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!

[She gives a melodramatic sniffle.]

Urrrgh Itsuuuuuki... Just hold on until Onee-chan gets there!

[Fu suddenly snaps out of her melancholy, smiling deviously.]

Kukuku... I can always break into the game. There are ways of doing that, right?
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[And because that red-headed brat keeps insisting that they're wrong about stuff;]

What the Shellder are you talking about? Alternate universe whatnow?

[Blue, you're opening a can of worms here.]
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Okay, I think we swapped places. How are you less fucked up about it than I am, now? That doesn't make any sense, even if most of those articles were written by the same people who don't know who Maturin is and think that somehow means that he shouldn't help the Losers Club

(even though it's obvious they need his help)

But I know anything is anything
and it's only me if it's Me
and if it's Not, it's someone else with the same name

Which should be a lot more common, sharing a name instead of sharing an...everything else.

I'm sorry you missed the nineteens last night, though. Something else will add up.

It always does.
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New face, huh. [the woes of being an au with a mun who is bad at art]

I don't hate it.


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