Aug. 3rd, 2017

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So, — what? That's what it takes for you to finally finish? Seriously?

Jesus, I had no idea you were so goddamn easy.
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Hold on for just a sec. You're looking at games and you're not even gonna give some of us a chance to join in? Why don't you hold some try outs or something first?

I mean I understand you're comfortable with the crazy dude with the bowtie and the Thundercat wannabe but... Some of us might start to think you're playing favorites when you go skipping over us. Just saying... Like, ask the rest of us if anybody else is interested. 'Cause maybe someone else actually is...
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It's nice to see you dedicating so much time into promoting my image. But I might have to ask "what for?".

Last I checked you had no intentions upon sending me anywhere where I would need so many different type of user pictures and I fail to see why you would need so many if you were to give me a chance in one of your 'PSLs'.

I will admit however, It is nice to see you focusing on something else other than your own troubling thoughts.
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Thanks for the new icons, mun!

Does this mean I getta stay for a long time?

Oh, and, we need some more fun stuff to do in Nautilus. I'm gonna put a bombchu bowling alley in that new castle we're living in. Maybe if everyone sees it, they'll understand it's not actually dangerous.
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If I'm going anywhere, just let it be somewhere with showers. Hot ones. Number one priority, okay? Seriously.
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You never have nothing better to do, mundane, no matter what you may say. Why am I the one stuck being part of your plan to ignore responsibility and chores when there are other, more compliant options available? I did not come back from the grave once more to be subjected to your inane whims. Find someone else to keep you entertained and leave me be, is that so much to ask?
lenseless: (Unsure about this)
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I thought you had forgotten about me. [Kevin gives his Mun the look a kicked puppy might share. He's hurt. Deeply and emotionally by the negligence.] You have been looked at games haven't you? Would you send me to one? Cos I'd like that and if any of the gals are around it would be even better.
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 Bad idea. Really bad idea. I've flown buckets of bolts that are better ideas than this.

...why're you looking at me like that?


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