Aug. 2nd, 2017

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C'mon, did you really expect me to actually kick the bucket then and there? A chair is such a... a stationary spot to meet one's demise. Look, I admit, it looked pretty grim, but there's no way I'd let that jackass outlive me after all the smack he talked! The nerve of him, you know? Trying to make me look uncool and slow in front of Miss Minori. But that's not the important part, okay? Water under the bridge.

The important part's being able to get back to shrinking time! Using every second to the fullest! Time is a necessity for living happy and healthy isn't it? When you don't have-time-you-don't-have-living-to-do-and-I-plan-to-makethemostofwhatevertimeIhaveleft,stubbornnessismyspecialityotherthanspeedafterallandIplantokeepradicallyalteringtheworldaroundmeandfindthetrueessenseofwhatitmeanstosurviveandthriveinthefuture,ah,suchabeautifulthingthefuture,fullofpreciousmomentsyoucan'treplicatewithanyoldpowerbecausewhilespeediscrucialyouhavetosometimescherishthosequietslowmomentsdon'tyouthinkso—

[It's not going to stop until someone interrupts him.]

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Oh well... I do appreciate the attention. I suppose it might be true that I haven't been all that busy here lately. [She scrambles to add:] Of course, being a mother can be very busy work, a-and I've definitely made the effort to put my adventure behind me...

[Her hands instinctively rub together, one of her nervous ticks.]

Besides, there simply aren't many places where it's safe. Too many humans and... other things? I would rather not, thank you.

[....That's her polite way of saying she refuses to go to a murdergame.]
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Well, glory BE. Never thought I'd see YOU coming back this way after you'd gone off with the Mensis fellow. Not that I'm sorry to see a friendly face, of course! Perish the very thought.

And fret not; that ugly matter of you passing me over for the caged man on the first go is water under the bridge, my friend. An ordeal as good as forgotten! Eheheheh...

Besides, this may be a good a place as any to search for a new god, isn't it?
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That's your pet peeve Mun? Yeah, I'm not a fan of the sound of people chewing gum with their mouths open either.

Of course I have to give them a pass when they're in a different room or building. I can't exactly lean out the window and shout at the neighbors to learn some table manners.
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...Why are you grinning so much? [His eyes is focused on that mousy looking girl with the bright poofy hair.] You and the "puppy" would get along well.

Maybe it's best not to let you meet him.

[Because honestly, he wouldn't be able to handle all that unbridled energy. Zack is more than enough for him to deal with on a normal day.]

So what is all this about? You're unfocused.
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To see all that happening again... you can't ask me to be happy about it, right?

Although... onee-chan....
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Finally! My evil will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world! A new world to conquer and sow the seeds of a new Crow Empire. I am going to enjoy this. I inherited my evil empire, you know. I've never had to build something from scratch. It'll be fun. I look forward to doing that. I think I'm going to try and build a corporatist empire this time.

Corporatists are the worlds greatest villains, after all. This is going to be so much fun.
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Though it has been awhile, you still make it quite difficult for me to settle down. I do suppose that Holmes does a fine job of that as well. And speaking of, I highly doubt we'll find him here, not the one I know, at least, so why don't we call it quits, hm?
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I dunno about this, mun. Isn't [community profile] ryslig that one game where everyone turns into some kinda man-eating monsters? That's really messed up, ya know...

But you said Miss Sonia was there...

Wait a minute! I don't wanna get eaten by my crush! Don't make me go to that horrible place, please!!!


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