Aug. 1st, 2017

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This is- wow. I want to say dedication but this is a whole new level. Are bad puns how you deal with existential dread?

... Whatever it is you're planning though, at least just. Let me know in advance. Okay?

[ No plans, bub. None yet. ]

Guess we'll just have to improvise this one.
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Aw gosh.

It sure does get to be confusing, I don't think there's a story that gets anywhere near as confusin' as the one I'm in huh?

But hey! It's not so bad! And it's not like proper time travel, right? Then it'd really be confusing haha!

Besides, what's important is making sure everyone is safe and sound.
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I should let Ser Davos do the talking more often.
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Yeah, you, bitch.

That bath you guys were talking about, yeah? I'd like that. So if you, I dunno, leave this little crap community and get on it, I might actually get some. Water, I mean. Yeah, I might get some water on me, if you know what I mean.

Fuck, this is useless.

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May all the gods protect the last of my family now, the old, the new, and whatever else might be.

( sacrilege, really, but who's going to tell her off in the afterlife, huh??? )

They will need all the protection that can be mustered to survive this winter, that much is certain.
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It's been a while since we've been anywhere, hasn't it? I'm... not really comfortable with some of the ideas you've been talking about. They're not very nice are they?

But... you've been saying you want to 'put me somewhere' and... do you have to, really? You don't even have a plan yet. Do you?

...allright then I' you. Let's do this.


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