Jul. 31st, 2017

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Look, miss player, I have told you time and again that it is not like that between Keith and I! He is someone admirable to be sure, and he is a dear friend, but that is all it is!

[ You two kissed... ]

That was the result of the cupid storm and you know it! We never would have back then otherwise!

[ The dance, and class, and the roof during the academy storm? No one was forcing you then! ]

I-I... That was... Our minds were addled! And he was still a friend there, nothing more...

[ You watched his house while he was gone, treated his wounds, told him stuff you have told no one else, AND spent the night at his place while he was still there. ]

That was because he would not let me leave until morning! It was dark, and if I tried he would have come with me, and he was still hurt so I could not allow that. I fail to see what spending the night at his place has to do with anything.

[ Really? You don't know? ]

The point is that we are not "boyfriend and girlfriend" as you wish to put it, we are not courting at all! We are friends, we spar, and it is fun, but that is the end of it! He is just someone I admire very very much!

[ You're cooking dinner together here though. When you spent the night. ]


Quiet, you. It is still not like that.

[ You know, he said the same thing. About admiring you very very much. ]


... ... ...

He did?
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OOOKAY! You're ready to go, then--?

[ He pauses, putting one hand to his ear and the other on his hip as he leans forward. There's an expectant smirk on his face, one eyebrow quirked at an impossible angle; yes is a given answer, and Mic pumps his fist in the air after a few seconds of silence. ]

--Good, because I'm just getting started! Think you can handle it?
Now, you said earlier that you've never worked with anyone like me. I'm sure you'll get the hang of this quickly, even with that in mind! I'm pretty confident you will. [ He gives a quick thumbs-up, straightening up. ] Buuut~ If you need a hand, you're in luck-- it just so happens that I'm an excellent teacher, if I do say so myself. Between you and me, we've got this! That stage fright of yours is gonna vanish once we're on air, you'll see!
[ Mic flashes a million-dollar grin, brandishing dual finger pistols. It's clear he's every inch as excited as he sounds, even if the pose he's striking is a little over-the-top. How he's able to stand like that for more than a few seconds is anyone's guess. ]

So don't worry! This collab is going to be awesome. Our listeners won't know what hit 'em, but they're gonna love it!

...we can take it slow if you want, though. I'm flexible! We have to build up the hype first, right?
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Well ain't this a treat!

Ya know, I've been in plenty of people's heads but this is the first time it's ever been this literal.

And a No-Maj at that! You sure you're all No-Maj, honey? I ain't ever seen a No-Maj do something like this.

What a trip!

But speakin' of trips, I can already tell you ain't got plans to send me anywhere, but do you think I can see Teenie, or how about my honey Jacob? Even Newt would be a nice sight for sore eyes.
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Are you seriously contemplating this, mun? Every other time you promised me some action, you totally bailed on me, so I'm having a little bit of a problem believing you this time around. Even though we both know I would have been totally awesome if you'd let me!

But yeah, sure, throw me out there if you want. Let's see what happens.
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It's probably a good thing that you cannot access those particular 'new canons' based on my era. Too many Akechi Mitsuhides in one heart would not be good for you, my Lady; I am honoured you name yourself after my kamon but many named 'Mitsuhide' are not wise to love.


Ah, myself? Please don't worry. If I must go somewhere alone I shall; if I must be challenged in any way, then that is how it must be. How I will feel about it isn't... well, it's not what matters.

Though, ah, if I may make one request? No alcohol, please.
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Hey, we've got Will back, and we're Ghostbusters, and I'm really sad that Eleven's gone, but maybe we should keep being normal kids? I love adventure, but I don't really love my friends getting hurt, and it's not like we have someone with super powers to help us out of the thick of it.


....You don't think there's something weird with Will, do you?


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