Jul. 30th, 2017

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It's been almost almost 30 years, perhaps you should just let it go. You weren't even born when I first started fighting, and now you've dragged me out of my timeline into yours? Do you have any idea what you plan to do, or why I'm here?


I see... so you want me to fight an even more hopeless battle to defend the innocent. I'm just one man who decided he needed to step up and make a difference, but I'll see what I can do.
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[ in the well worn tone of deep, long-suffering exasperation, ]

Well, I guess it's about time.
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It seems I'm not the only one starting on a new journey.

This calls for a celebration!  I know just the place.  The food there's fantastic.  You'll love it, I'm sure of it!

((ooc: I will do my absolute best to avoid spoilers in the comments unless given a pass, at which time I'll indicate something in the comment header.))


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