Jul. 29th, 2017

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Jul. 29th, 2017 01:04 am
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How wonderful. A Fourth Wall event, hm? The fog will open, then?

But... the person I most want to see will not show himself, will he? Unfortunate.

Still, even so, even so... with the new people, I shall find a means to grow closer to everyone and color the landscape with our fleeting friendship!

Also, my precious Kikkou is coming, is that not right? My precious sword from that I had with me for so long! The sword I used to behead Nobunaga-kou! Indeed, this shall be a wonderful time.
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[As night ends and morning comes around — something terrible has been happened to dreamwidth.

Parts of it, abruptly vanishing! Dear god, the horror —]


This has more pictures behind it! )
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You gonna give this up yet or what? I'm not really interested in going anywhere. Couldn't you figure that out by the username?

But I guess I'll give you points for picking me over that other one. Guy's annoying even if he's pretty cool.

[ Sorry, Dante. ]

But the answer's still no.

And stop reading things about him. It's never gonna happen.
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So you've told me that this Michelle girl goes by the nickname "MJ" among her friends too, and is basically standing in for me in the universe she comes from, right? But she's pretty much the total opposite of what I was when I was in high school?

Sounds fun. I'd like to meet her.
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A game?

[A lot of games! And even though he doesn't really get most of them, still-]

Gee, that sounds like an awful lot of fun!

...It's not like home, though...

[Is that a bad thing?]
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[His is lounging on a tree branch, eyes closed and one ear perked for any unusual sounds.]

My world is dangerous enough. If I wanted a different challenge, I could just follow Kagome through the well.

[He stretches one arm over his head, frowning.]

Even with all the demons, my Japan is better; safer for her. I know what to expect. [Most of the time? He snorts.] I will be going back no matter what you say.


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