Jul. 28th, 2017

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Did I think you had forgotten me, did I think you had discarded me? Yes. It has been a while, mundane. I have waited long and I did not wait in vain, for you described me in great detail, you wrote me back to life so vividly. Do you feel satisfied, do you feel happy? I aim only to please myself, you must know, but you may have a sliver of my satisfaction, if you so wish. I hand it to you willingly. Here.

In return, find me an Odette - or some other maiden to watch, I shall gladly learn new traits, new features, new habits. Gladly I transform myself, my body blinks in and out of focus. See! It is ready. I am my own, but I mirror by second nature. I might well be a bird of prey, but my wings are no less soft for it, they swipe everything clean in their wake.

Let us play, mundane. Come then, let us play.
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Been a while. Gonna be a while longer, too, 'fore we're back off to the races.

Still — looks like we're in for a good time, don't you think? Everyone's got a little more spring in their step.
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Won't the boss notice I'm gone? That there's suddenly no more Dickie? Won't he be cross?

[ Dickie can't stop wiggling his legs. ] Why is meeting new people good? Meet plenty of fucking customers every night.

Not going to- to make a friend. Not pretty enough or sweet enough. Icky. Icky Dickie.
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Uhhhh, hey? Not sure why you picked me out instead of another one of us that you're more comfortable with (you've been musing Taako for what, 5 months now? 6?), but I'm happy that you ended up coming back with me. Your headspace is weird as Fuck, but you're nice.

Just don't put me in any of those "murder games".
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I KNEW anime was real and now I'm gonna get to live one. Just wait until Alphys hears about this! I bet she'll freak out. I'M already freaking out!


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