Jul. 18th, 2017

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How can you be excited right now? Everything's still kind of messed up. Kind of... really messed up.

[ Maybe, but you're getting a TV adaptation! That's so cool! ]

Yeah, I guess. I don't know how I feel about all these other people knowing all my business. It's weird enough to think that 6 million people listen to it as it is...
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Strange, isn't it, that some cycles never break? The seasons come and go, so does this game we play; personal failings and vendettas, like a thorn in one's heel.

[ Then, dryly: ] No need to state the obvious.
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Thanks for remembering I exist. Now go find Peter.

We haven't had our honeymoon yet and that really cheeses me. More than the PGL jump bug.
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Wait, so this isn't... I'm not in a time loop? And you're not one of the ghosts? So what is this then, because I've had enough with freaky shit.
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I don't really care, just don't make me do anything stupid.

...Tall request, I know. But try having some restraint.
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Hey hey hey,

There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting an airbag into a microwave. As long as it's done outside and I'm not standing anywhere near it when it goes kablooey, it's perfectly fine.

And you think I wouldn't have thought this whole thing out beforehand, didn't you?

Oh ye of little faith!

[Responsible adult needed ASAP.]


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