Jul. 12th, 2017

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You've bounced me around to hell and back - quite literally. And now you want me to 'move on' yet again? Let me rest in peace for a change. Or focus on solo writing that presents my 'backstory' as you call it. There's plenty of material to work with, and given some of your professional work, 'filing off the serial numbers' as you call it isn't out of the question. I'm rather enjoying this semi-retirement into which circumstances have placed me.

And what are you talking about, wiping my memories? Are you giving me a concussion? Haven't I had enough injuries, that you have to add insult to the mix?
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[He doesn't even say anything, just glares for literally minutes.]

What's the point?

[After giving him a taste of his own, silent, medicine, Vincent makes a small, annoyed sound.]

There isn't one.

[Another long pause.]

I was fine, sleeping. [He must do these dramatic pauses for effect.] I belong there.
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It's... not nice to break my focus.
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Whoa, whoa, whoa — wait, are we in? Is this — is it happening?

I mean, I know it's happening, but is this like, for real for real? Because, I mean, I know you've been busy, and that's totally fine, you know? I get it. You saw, right? I totally — like, I. Phew, I get it. Yeah. Yeah.

But this is. Huge. Wow.

[ he places his hands on his hips, inhaling deeply. then, quickly, he holds up a palm. ] No, I'm okay. Don't even worry about me. I am, ah — fit. As a fiddle, totally ready for this. For whatever — you know, comes next. That's me, I'm your guy.

I promise, you won't be disappointed!


Jul. 12th, 2017 10:12 am
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Ah, Jesus.

Alright, look, this whole one-night stand thing works just fine for me, so let's not pretend this is gonna last longer than it is, okay? It's gonna be a week, maybe a month, then you're gonna get tired of me. Just speaking from experience, here.

All I'm saying is you shouldn't get too attached. I'll try to return the favor.
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 Okay, I hardly think a doll of me bearing a 5 o'clock shadow beard and what might constitute as a hair-cut is anything to get excited about. You are literally more riled up about this than those pictures proving I survive until Infinity War, and yet, you're focused on my hair.

...stop staring at the shoes, I was on a foreign planet, alright? Whatever happened, I'm sure I couldn't exactly be picky.
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...You want me to talk!? What would that even sound like? La-la-la-la-la-la! Is that my voice? I sound gorgeous.

La la la. Laaaaa. I never spoke in the cartoon, you know! Will I get to see more pretty people if I talk? la la la la la la la. Will they bring me gorgeous treasures?
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I mean, I can understand really liking fictional characters and all. Like, you just really wanna know more about them, so you start making up all these stories for them inside your head and stuff. I get that. I've done that.

What I don't get is what my sorry ass is doing here?

Like fucking Captain America is here. Okay, that makes sense. I spent like a year with Cap in my head too, except we didn't have the good ole Internetz back then, so I had to like... write it in a fucking notebook. And pray to God that nobody ever found that shit before I had the chance to burn it.


Anyway... All's I wanted to know is: why me? I [a dramatic pause] am a fucking fuck up. Just in case you, you know, somehow missed that part or something...

I'm not complaining! I'm just saying: I don't get it.
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What do you mean, "voice testing"? Either you have one or you don't, right?

[Grumbling. Grumbling on both ends of the conversation.]

Tch. You're going to have to read faster, you know.

[There is only so fast canon reviews can happen.]
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So...we're really going to do this?

As happy as I am to be out here again, we both know the chances of finding any of my family or friends are going to be slim. It has been quite a while after all.... But, maybe that's for the best. Then at least I know they'll be safe.

If you could do me one favor, could you find someplace with some decent tech? If I'm going alone, I'll need to keep occupied somehow.
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In a multiverse where there are people who can literally bring the dead back to life, exactly what use would a physician be?

[ She shakes her head. ] I'd rather not go somewhere when I'll have nothing to do and trauma can be repaired by a tap of the wand.
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Look Miss...Mun?

I guess I should be glad you like me but, can't I just, take a break?

I mean between the body swapping, the murderer, the Strix the banshee and the... her I haven't even had chance to learn how to get, er, food if you know what I mean.

And now you want to send me to a another world entirely? By myself?

(Canon is Vampire the Requiem)
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Firing up the Pinterest account more than usual, aren't we? I know what that means. If I'm going to do something soon, I have a request: I want it be set within an earlier era than the stories you've been listening to lately.

As an old friend once said, "Years are all it takes for choices to become regrets." Now I won't admit to having regrets in a place like this. A man has a reputation to uphold, after all. What I will say, is that by 2017 I've more than enough choices piling up around me. In short? I'm tired. I've seen, done and lost more than entire generations stacked one atop another have. I've had experiences both terrible and sublime, and everything else in between. I've known friends, enemies, and even -- had people I've loved.

[ This is getting earnest for his tastes now, so here's Dorian clearing his throat and moving the hell on. ]

So. If we're going to take things anywhere at all, a vacation to an earlier time period would be appreciated. I'd offer suggestions, but I have a feeling you'd go Monkey's Paw on any requests of mine. I'd rather not encourage you; You're bad enough on your own even without my help.


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