Jul. 11th, 2017

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Pffft, don't worry about it, mun! I totally can't wait for stuff either!

But you are, like, so behind it's criminal! You can NOT tell me you don't even have a Switch yet! The Splatfest is on, girl!

Whatever, I'll let it slide this time, but I expect to see you out there supporting me for the next two years, yeah?
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I suppose I must do what you see is most fit, but I have...concerns. You speak of friends, of reuniting with the Paladins of Voltron, but what of my family? What of my home?

You know I seek to liberate the galaxy from Zarkon just as Voltron does, but I am no warrior. My people are a peaceful people, and I fear that your plans may force me to make difficult choices.

Please, at least find it in your heart to send me where I will not be alone.

take two.

Jul. 11th, 2017 04:42 pm
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I don’t want excuses, alright, I want results. And, hey, don’t give me that crap about the rules [ because, let’s face it, rules are meant to be broken. ] and just find me a new game! [ useless, he murmurs, irritation waning only because he knows he’s got to stay on his mun’s good side. he’s still got preferences about the kind of place he’d like to go to and the sorts of people he’d like to see there. ] You remember our last talk, right, …great. I knew I could count on you. [ ha! ]
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Yeah, yeah. Congrats on your one-year anniversary of playing from my game. Now would you get your act together and catch up on tags so I can have some fun?

Gotta take my mind off things by decorating my statue of a seraph while I have the chance. You can't say he wouldn't look hilarious in these!
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Oh, a comm?

I mean, I've only been in a few meme's ever now and then, I'm not sure I'm really ready for like... an actual community.

Not that you're not a great mun! I didn't mean to imply anything like that!

[ Too late ;_; ]

Well, anyway. There's supposed to be lots of castmates there? Including Steven? I guess that can't be that bad. I'm going to miss my parents a lot. Although, if I didn't join the comm it's not like my parents would be there either. Being a fictional construct sure is peculiar!
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[Kovu takes his time glancing around. Before too long he's wearing a knowing smirk.]

Well, I can't exactly say I missed this place, but...

I knew you'd be back.


Hey! Who are you calling fuzzy?

[It's called a mane, mun.]
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It does seem that you're a bit behind most. But that's the way it was meant to be I suppose. And I can see what you did there even with these eyes.

cut for spoilers )

Now what use do you plan to put me to? The force moves lively around those excited about new opportunities and chances.
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An intriguing proposal.

However, aren't you getting ahead of yourself?
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The new rooms are brilliant mundune. The children are going to love them. However, I don't understand why you're thinking the Tardis needs a bank safe that I could walk into and have gold coins inside. Whut am I going to do with gold coins? In fact - what am I going to do with money? ... You want me to jump in and swim in gold coins?

... Okay... Okay. Oh, you are insane aren't you?
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My, my, mun. What a fun little game you've decided to play. A little cruel though, don't you think?

We're trapped in your head together and yet I can't even talk to him? So close, so far.

Torturous - you're a man after my own heart.


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