Jul. 10th, 2017

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I will miss them terribly. You must ensure I do not lose sight of them or I will never forgive you.

(Her voice trembles with emotion and her hands are curled into fists.)

I know how my relationship with them might sound to others - especially Westerosi - but I do not care. They are part of my family no matter the shape of their ears or the length of their lives.
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Well, well, Mun~

[He's stood firmly on the ground, legs separated slightly with the curls in his shoes pointing in very opposite directions.]

After all these years? And you're doing this to me again? Because of some boy?

[He wouldn't let that last part leave his lips; the jester wasn't that petty, though his body language displayed his smugness quite well; arms crossed with his weight shifting slightly to one leg. One of his furrowed eyebrows raise in question, though he lowers his dark eyes to casually peek at his cuticles.]

I suppose I can't entirely blame you, little girl. We've had some wild rides in the past, haven't we~?
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Woah, woah, woah, hold up!

You're tellin' me that you wanna pull me out of one killing game just to put me through another one? That's being aired on live TV?! In SPACE?!?

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1. This is still a stupid username.

2. Can I get more icons already? I do actually have more emotions than 'punch it' and 'punch it harder'. Sort of.
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Don't you have anything better to do? Let me answer that for you, no. No you don't otherwise you would not be wasting your time on such a frivolous thing. Focus on the tasks you currently have, mundane.

Strengthen yourself through your current trials and ordeals first.

Then perhaps you may prove somewhat worthy to puppet me. Or at the very least find me some better pictures than the few you currently have.
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You've been playing me for seven years at this point? Really?

Wow. You are a super nerd. No one cares about this except you.

...You keep saying this is our last game, but you've said that about at least two others before. Not exactly gonna give you much credit there, weirdo.

...If it is, I guess it isn't a terrible final choice.
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So this is a thing?

Season 6b revelations )

Regardless, perhaps it'll renew things around here for one last howl.


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