Jul. 8th, 2017

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[This GSC!Rival - Nikolai, actually - is very a cranky young teen.] Heir, not Grunt. Doesn't matter if he disbanded them like the coward he is, I was the Heir. That means I'll never be a mere Grunt, so get that idea out of your thick skull. Plus, my methods are nothing like Team Rocket's. I'm not a coward or a tyrant or anything like them! That stupid man is wrong!

Don't think I don't see your plans, either. Hmph, like such a thing as 'mega-evolution' is true, or that Kalos had a war. Everyone knows it didn't, and the 'but alternate timelines' is a weak answer.

Don't think I'll allow you to just do what you please, either.
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Why the hell should I care? I couldn't stand Cronqvist for longer than ten minutes during the Crusades. What makes you think I'd waste more than a nanosecond of attention on a series that revolves around that lowlife now? Especially after all he put us through?

[Okay, that's fair. But having a new series means they might eventually tell your story.]

Tch. I'll be sure to hold my breath for that.

Besides, even if they did, I highly doubt they'd tell the whole story.

Look, I understand that you're excited about making icons for that woman, but keep that between the two of you. I couldn't care less about that family if you paid me.

Now go write up that starter you promised me. I think it's about time I had some good news for a change.

[And happy cute times with Walter are always good news.]
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Hey, um, what did you call yourself? Ah, yeah, right... mun!

So, um, mun. I take it you just decided to do this (and uh, I get feeling like you should do something and all, but come on, this is definitely not very cool) and like, you should probably just let me go back home.

Why? Well, what if something bad happens and they need me? I can't really be caught away from my post and all that, right? Besides, I can explain being out until late...there really isn't a good cover for being gone and stuck in someone's head, y'know?
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I don't think I'm really supposed to be here. I mean, mom's not here and you don't even have any parental controls set up.

Also, mom says that if I give my real name out online the murderers will be able to find me, so if you could just change my display name to, I don't know, 'Annyong' or whatever random name before they track me down that would be great.

[Pauses for a moment.]

Do you at least know where the nearest juice bar is?


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