Jul. 7th, 2017

Chapter 543

Jul. 7th, 2017 05:10 am
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...Hard to believe it's almost over. I'm glad I got to try out my plan, though. Gray may have thought it was crazy, but spoilers )

There's so many people that I have to thank... [Jellal, Ichiya, Anna, Kagura... the members of Crime Sorciere and Sabertooth... Wendy, Mira, and of course, Gray, Happy, Lucy, and Natsu.] None of us could have defeated Acnologia on our own, but together, we were able to take down that monster.


Jul. 7th, 2017 12:39 pm
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You know you stopped following my canon 10 years ago. at least

What makes you think putting YOUR idea of me out into the world is a good idea?
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...I never thought anyone could be scared by a guy named the vulture but...

I mean sheesh!

Also I think this ones my favorite. Yeah he screws up a lot but so do I you know?

[Waves a heavily bandaged hand as proof.]

So...what are we doing next? I don't want to go crazy again so please let's not do that? 

Come on. Please?

Can I at least get through this month without stabbing someone?

[[OOC: Spoilers in comments]
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Let me get this straight. From one apocalypse to another, except in this one they all have one agreed-upon code word for the dead and they look at people like they're crazy when they don't know it?

And everyone is stuck in a city? Los Angeles? Thanks for the death beforehand too. Really appreciate it. A lot of fun.

Look, I can get past zombies as a word, as stupid as it is, but I'm not comfortable stuck in the big city and I'm sure Daryl isn't either. The least you could do is make sure there are more people around that we know so we're not stuck around everything unfamiliar.

At least my coat is fixed now.
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Mun is it?

Thank you for allowing me to be here. I see that a lot has changed since...well. You know. Science truly has come a long way.

I don't suppose you've seen my husband anywhere, have you?

[A small sigh.]

I thought not.
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Why are you like this? I'm just a simple vampire hunter trying to make a fucking living [no you are not trevor belmont] to honor the family name.

Please leave me alone. I have things to do and supernatural beasts to slay. Have you not had your fill?


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