Jul. 6th, 2017

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[The man in the suit glances over the situation in minor interest and irritation.]

...This is really how you're spending your nights, huh? Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a hobby. But according to my watch- yeah, almost 3 in the morning there. Don't you have work?

Dear god, man. Get to bed and stop messing with the lives of others. You can clearly barely handle your own life, much less the will of a psychic.

...But if you're really having trouble sleeping... [His voice trails off, considering unspoken horrors and ideas.] No it couldn't be... Unless they got through your computer somehow...

Of course! Your sleeping habits are the work of a sinister specter! They snuck through porn sites to reach you, tormenting your body with sleepless nights! Don't worry, I am a professional. For a slight fee, I would be happy to cleanse you of this spirit. We all deserve to have a good night's rest, free from ghostly machinations. That's what Reigen Arataka, Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century, does best!
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Yeah, so are you going to voice test me or not? I don't have all day, you know. And I won't even mention how much time has passed since you first began cowering behind that username.

Geez. You humans sure are indecisive. I'm surprised you even manage to leave your home in the morning.

Oh wow, wow. She's doing it, she's typing the words. How frightening .
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Wow um... okay, sure. I really didn't need everyone knowing about my neon underwear thanks. That was kind of just supposed to be my thing.
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So you're trying to stick me in a frozen wasteland filled with unimaginable horrors, crippling paranoia and hallucinations, not to mention the sheer physical danger and extremely likely gruesome death?

Dude. That's like a Tuesday for me.
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...I don't think I'm a huge fan of this place. Or of your ideas. It's one thing to just sit around watching old TV shows, but actually interacting with characters from cartoons and shi... stuff is another can of worms I don't wanna get my hands in.

[Ian sighs and runs a shaky hand through his hair, blinks a few times to try to see clearly though his puffy eyes. He takes another look around the place... and deigns he doesn't much like what he sees.]

It looks pretty much exactly like the void. Did you really think I'd like it here? I mean... at least there I've got people coming to visit once in a while. Can't you just send me home-

[There's a huge burst of static that drowns out the rest of the man's words.]

Whatever. Then send me back there! I'll... find some way to get out eventually. I think.

((Those who are interested in tagging, let me know if it's okay for Ian to know information about your character's canon! It's more likely he'll know cartoons and TV shows, but if you'd prefer there not to be fourth wall breaking, well, the void isn't completely all-knowing.))
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AHHH! At last, I've been unleashed! Time to conquer Earth and all those other puny planets across the multiverse, HA HA HA HA HA!

...No I DON'T want a donut, you insufferable buffoon! Why would I concern myself with delicious glazed pastries when I could be spreading evil across the galaxy?! GET ME MY MINIONS!

WHAT?! Not here? Then get me NEW minions, and make sure they're competent!
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Yeah, mun, you've probably missed the train on this one. But it at least seems to me that there're still a few RFA members floating around here and there, so don't lose hope!

Don't worry, I'll keep checking in on them. They're all busy with their own very full lives, but if I'm anything, it's reliable!
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Oh... This is a surprise.

[ she sits cross-legged, twirling her hair around a finger. like a normal teenage girl. ]

Hey, I'm not complaining. It would be nice to... get out. See the world. "A" world, I suppose, since you haven't got a place in mind. Do I get a say in that? I'd like to go somewhere peaceful. I'm a little tired of decisions that change the fate of the world.

... I know it's not going to be easy for me, no matter where I go. Without Eridium, there will be... side effects. But I've gotten through worse, haven't I? I'll figure something out.
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Betrayals and murder and despair? Oh my! That really DOES sound fun. And I'd get to see it all up close!

Just one teensy problem.

I'm the Grand Couturier, I can make all that happen on my own!


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