Jul. 4th, 2017

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Not enough to keep torturing people with this shit but you wanna send me?!

You've gotta be fucking kidding me.

Okay lemme get this straight. No umbra. Not even freaky nasty gauntlet shit like in Decadence but no umbra. No spirits, no fucking gnosis? No access to jack shit.

In a fucking shitty ass reality TV show run by some fucked up future version of fucking Pentex?!

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Aww, c'mooooooonnn, babe. Are you really surprised that I was your favorite part of that little movie? What, did you think you were going to come out as a Gru fan? Ugh, gag me with a spoon! That old wannabe has had his turn, now it's time for my super-sweet return to the spotlight!

So, whaddya say we go cause some mayhem? I'm sure the two of us could find some real action around here!
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John Adams, drivin' someone to homicide? Can't imagine that, the guy's so cheerful an' friendly and not useless at all. Though I do hate to agree with goddamn Jefferson, the man's got a point.

[Never mind that this guy wasn't even properly in the country in 1776, he can still have his opinions. Right?]
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[ She pronounces this like two separate words, and then pauses as if considering their impact, before making a raspberry noise that makes it clear she wasn't, like, at all. ]

You lead baby goats to the altar. Lucky for you she wins. [ She clicks her tongue. ] Now you want a sheep for slaughter. But I am not this.

Cull from the false flock. No more little girls. [ ... ] I'm done talking. Where is Sarah?
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Thank you for dusting me off. I know it's been a while, but Brother really needs me. You and Brother's mun have talked, after all. Besides, it'll be good to see him again. And make sure he's getting enough sleep.
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You know I have high expectations of you, mun.

Let's make this a performance to remember, shall we? It'd be a shame if Walkure's songs went unheard of here.

[She smiles and flicks up the Walkure hand sign. Yes it might be a while because she sees someone she recognises but she's all for making new friends as long as they behave themselves.]
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... You actually went through with it. After all the times you said you might bring me somewhere but changed your mind, I never thought it would really happen.

[Life is busy, tiger cub. But this game looks good, and I'm already having fun with you there.]

Thank you...? I don't think our definitions of "fun" always overlap, but... so far, I have to admit it's not bad. If nothing else, it's nice to have a purpose.

[Exactly. Now to see if you get any more castmates~!]

Please don't tease me! It's fine if everyone's asleep. That means they're safe. I -...
I can do this on my own. For them.
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For Christ's sake, woman, haven't you got anything better to do than to bother me? I've just got done with the bloody investigation and I'd like some time to take it in if you don't mind. Anyway, where would you even send me? Some sci fi place? Eden? I think not. Just go your way and leave me to mine.

Also because I happen to resemble Tennant a little on the outside doesn't mean I want to be part of your fetish.
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While I'd admit to having a genuine curiosity about some of the technological advances for the various worlds on the menu around here, I feel like I should point out that you may find yourself tilting at windmills.

I'm a very private person and we both know that doesn't always go over well, not to mention that you can about manage your e-mail, so much of the jargon I usually spout is going to have to be hand-waved. But we can try this little experiment and see how far it gets you.
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While I appreciate the sentiment, I don't think calling someone who went down in history as one of the most reviled traitors in both US and Soviet history "a true patriot" is a smart move. What I did wasn't for the acclaim or glory anyway. It was in service of a better tomorrow...

[She sighs a bit.]

...and perhaps now, there can be hope for that tomorrow.

[OOC: Small note, mun has not played or seen anything from MGS5 but doesn't mind spoilers.]
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I k-know, it's been a while. B-but, I'm still h-here, just like I a-always was. Can't get out, can't break free...

... Is there even any place for a lad in sane?

Also B-Bat Out of H-hell? ... Looks f-familiar.
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...Well, what's the worst that could happen? Daring escapes, epic adventures, new worlds. Long dead friends. Awkward reunions.

All right. Almost talking myself out of it all of a sudden.
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Thank you, madam. At least someone appreciated my efforts.
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... so like, I hear basket weaving is a great hobby, maybe you should... I dunno, take that up instead of literally waking the dead.

C'mon... we're not even going anywhere, why don't you pick someone else? Like.. like anyone else.

Literally anyone else.


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