Jul. 1st, 2017

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Congratulations! Hard to believe our journey only started 'bout a month ago, huh? And now we've got all the badges and beaten the Elite Four and Team Plasma! It's been... eventful.

[There's a touch of wistfulness here that subdues that pride a bit.]

I just hope N's doing alright out there, you know? We've got a lot to think about, me and him. And there's still the Seven Sages for us to find- we can't let Team Plasma hurt anyone any more, got it?

So: More exploring, more training, more work! Let's get to it!

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Didn't someone very wise once say that fear is the mind killer? Words to live by, don't you think?

[His voice is light and airy with amusement, but there's real warmth there too, especially when he adds:] Don't be afraid. Our path is set, but our eyes are clear, and our spirits unbreakable. All we can do is our best, and that is to keep moving forward. I've absolutely no doubt that our destination will be anything less than wonderful. [And then, playfully:] If not a little...strange.
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You know. It's time and primary numbers makin' me all insane in the membrane. All us guardian types, the otter eyed kiddo, tail eating snakes, and the whole she-bang yakko-ing up in wakko's dotty ears. But you? What's your excuse, friend? Just cause you're all trying to be creative doesn't mean you're not crazy. I mean, you get me and you get the voices too, so you know. We're salt and pepper. Pancakes and syrup. Otter Eyes and bad decisions.

Huh. It is kinda nice that you think I'm gonna save the world though. Don't know really. Can't tell if people want good ol' Ouroboros to keep eating or get all full. Timey wimey, right? Besides, not really Action Girl am I? That's Cole and Cassie.

But okay. I'll stick around for a bit. Roomier than scary hospitals. No needles. No jackets with the wrap around sleeves. Just..Sorry in advance if I make your head hurt sometimes.


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