Jun. 30th, 2017

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Do what you will. I am unworried.
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Why hello there, mundane! I am a PDQ-88B Securitron but you can call me Yes Man! I know you already do but I feel I should introduce myself properly. After all, it's only polite. Politeness is part of my programming. I have to be polite to everyone! But I'm being polite to you mun and not just because I have to. I mean, you hold my entire future in your hands. I know it's best to be polite to someone like that.

You kind of remind me of someone. I won't talk behind their back unless you ask me to. Since I can't say no to you. Or anyone! Isn't that just fantastic? I can be helpful to anyone and everyone. I like being helpful because I'm programmed to.

So! What shall we do first? Are you going to send me to talk to some awful awful people? I hope not but if you do, I'll do it with a smile. I promise!


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