Jun. 29th, 2017

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Hey, come on! You know damn well whose birthday it is!

[Do they? Does anyone remember?]

That's right, Kazuichi Souda! Birthday Boy, right here!

So, what're we gonna do for it, huh? Maybe send me on a date with Sonia or something? Building rockets? Huh? Whatcha got planned for me?

[Little did he know his Mun didn't have anything special planned other than this post.]
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OK, let me get this straight; you want to send me to this place specifically because you know it'll annoy me? And you want to watch me flail around and try to pretend I'm actually something resembling a responsible adult?

You know this is a terrible idea, right?

...No, it won't be funny. Not in the slightest. I'm a very unfunny person; ask anyone.

......Can't we talk about this?
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Hmm... Guess I don't quite fit into either of the Disney tags...

A-anyways. Hi there! I guess a formal introduction would be a little weird at this point. You know me, and I guess-- I guess I have to know you, don't I?

The point... right. The point is, that while I'm usually happy to work with newcomers to the business, I'm not sure how I feel about--

Actually, yes, I am sure how I feel about this arrangement you have planned. I don't like it all! I don't want it, and I'm pretty sure the fans don't either!!

... well, most fans, anyway. This bunch might be one of the weird ones, huh? Good grief.
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[For convenience, his speech is being auto-translated.]

I don't have to prove anything to anyone. They already know I'm the greatest.

Why did you bring me here? Just to confirm the facts?

Or to meet my fans?
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Hey relax sister, you're way over thinking this. I won't bite. Not unless someone asks real nice.

[The mun glowers over her own insecurity about this whole thing]

Look, I see you took your own little chem break before gettin' into this with me, but maybe you should sit down and take another shot. Breathe. Soak it in. I promise I ain't going to steer us wrong. You got this.

[The mun remains anxious, but smirks some at the suggestion.]

Know what your problem is, M.J? You're always so damn concerned about being perfect. Well guess what, it don't matter, because I'm not perfect either. You don't gotta be pristine, understand? Take a shot, and don't let fear stop you.

I know, that was deep. I can be real philosophical with the right chems in me.

And hey, aren't we just here to have a good time? So ride the high my friend, and let's see where this takes us.


Oh and by the way, your muse box is full of my kind of crazy. Could maybe see myself staying.


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