Jun. 28th, 2017

thelastgoodone: Clipping from family tree with the name "August Moriarty" and the parenthetical comment "...improbable." (Family tree)
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Your desire to catalog all of my family's idiosyncrasies and your increasingly strange theories about whatever Alistair Holmes is up to trouble me greatly. There are nearly eight months until the last book in the series comes out, and it probably won't have particularly good news for anyone. The official summary that came out today certainly doesn't suggest I'm making another miraculous return. 
helpsn00bs: (Couldn't be happier!)
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Oh wow, an update! That must be exciting for you! I know I'm excited, imagine what kind of new features there will be that haven't been announced yet. I thought I was excited for the new M2D model but this is better.

Do you really think Haseo will get a new Job Extension to be a Blade Brandier? I agree, it does look kind of like it but it's hard to tell in those last few seconds.

I can see why you're replaying the games now instead of waiting. I hope it won't spoil the fun- oh who am I kidding, I'm sure you'll still enjoy it. There's always something new to discover.
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Isn't it dreadful curious that you find yourself easier settled into my ways of thinking and seeing when you've had a pipe full of that kindest flower? New ideas of higher planes indeed.
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Why do I get the feeling that this isn't going to last very long?


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