Jun. 27th, 2017

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Is it... a normal, human emotional response — to feel the most alive, just before you die?

[ could this be purely hypothetical? she thinks back to a lake that she was convinced, in all her limited exposure to the outside world and its beliefs, was the closest thing to heaven. it was simple there: quiet, the light was clear and cloudless. there were no walls. ]

I suppose I can ask you and those around us such questions, given that you appear to consider me a viable product stream.

[ a purposefully companionable head tilt. ]

I am... glad you did not share their opinion. Thank you.
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Wouldn't recommend it.

Inviting me into your mind, that is. Let's just say I'm poor company.
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You're arriving a little late to this party, don't you think, Mundane? And let's face it—it's not as though you actually know all that much about me, aside from what can be surmised due to my position and Grindelwald's muster-passing impersonation.

Needless to say, your intention of 'making stuff up' doesn't exactly fill me with glee.
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Doesn't matter. You're a sheep like everyone else. Though it's nice to watch other people suffer, isn't it? You'll get what's coming to you.
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OK so...

You sent me to a place with no guns.

No Deathtrap.

Not even my kick ass Robo arm.

Where Handsome Jack is alive...AND HAPPY!

And I cannot kill him again.

Dude...I thought we were friends. What the fuck?
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 Got real creative with that username there, huh, mun?


Jun. 27th, 2017 07:34 pm
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So your interest returns. What of the Dwarves? Why do you bring them to my attention? Their tale under Thorin Oakenshield is done. {Does that sadden him? It is hard to say. Thranduil has a tendency not to emote.} I would much rather think of my son and my people.

We all must focus on the living and leave the dead to rest. {A task he has shouldered for many a season.} I know that is a difficult task, but worthwhile in the end.
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Traveling to another planet, hm?

Some might call such a sentiment... otherworldly.

Ho! Please, please. Hold the applause. There is plenty more where that came from.


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